Politicians who is fav

Who is your favourite politician?
I think mine is David Cameron

“Chosing my favorite politician is like chosing which STD would suit me best”


Bernie Sanders
Also Elizabeth Warren and Jill Stein


I’m a big fan of President Obama.


Angus King former Governor of Maine. An independent who made massive improvements to how the mentally ill were treated here.

The Dalai Lama.


I like Mufasa from the Lion King.


The dead ones. Slows down their stealing.


My vote is for Donnie Darko

This is difficult because I have never voted.

That wasn’t the first time James Earl Jones controlled an Empire.

Remember Darth Vader?

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I want Hilary to win the election but I’m kind of fearful that Bernie will take away a lot of votes because Bernie followers are so adamant that I’m afraid they won’t vote for Hilary once she wins the Democrat nominee. Trump is scaring me.

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Yeah I’m voting Democrat regardless of who wins the nominee. As long as Trump stays out of office I will be happy.

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Back in the 1990s Bill Clinton said well ‘America is the nation of immigrants’, both of these candidates are children of immigrants. Trump is like Obama, came to the election suddenly and nobody expected him to win, the history may repeat itself.

Ron Blogovitch, the ex-governor of Illinois who is now in prison for trying to sell Obama’s senate seat. The guy cracked me up. He denied all the charges even though the FBI had bugged his phone and had audio tapes of him trying to sell the seat. He went on talk show after talk show proclaiming his innocence even through most of the talk shows were ridiculing him and he was making a fool of himself. The guy had guts.

Picking the most charismatic liar has never appealed to me i refuse to vote until we have a complete overhaul of the corrupted system we have currently.

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I remember Al Franken telling about he had addressed a gathering of Ralph Nader supporters before the 2000 election. He said, “You people are going to feel funny if Bush wins by a very small margin, and the votes you get are what make up that margin.” That’s exactly what happened. Bernie has a following, but he can’t beat a centrist Republican. An election between him and Trump would be interesting, but it sure would be polarizing. I’m hoping Hillary has some of the Clinton magic. I used to hate the Democrats because they weren’t taking the threat from the old Soviet Union seriously enough, and now I hate the Republicans because they aren’t taking global warming seriously enough.

I’m a big fan of Bernie and I’m also worried that people won’t vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination. There’s a lot of anti-Hillary rhetoric going around and I really hope that democrats can get together and show a united front no matter who wins the nomination.