Poll: Do you think you're likeable?

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I have no clue, but my friends seem to like me :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I might be pretty annoying, though,

in real life i am but online i am not liked as much and idk why that is, maybe bc i like to have an opinion and i like to be different so i will go against the grain sometimes but i am not doing it as much anymore, i have to stop my bad behaviour online i mean i’m not a troll.

real life i am nice and pleasant, easy to talk to and avoid conflict.

I voted not Likeable for the record. If I was likeable I’d probably have friends, better relationships with family. Maybe. :confused:

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I have a few close friends but overall I’m not that likable, my personality rubs people the wrong way.

I’m way too irritable to be likeable. And i’m too principled and honest as well.

I think I’m a good/nice person, but my chronic lack of friends suggests I’m not likeable.

This topic depresses me…

I believe that people do not like me, as a general rule. People think I argue with them too much, although I do not see this. I hate to argue. People also think that I am too negative. Who knows? This may be true. I just think that I am a realist.

I doubt that I’m likeable, because I usually try my best to stay away from people.

No, people don’t seem to like me very much.

Some people like me. But I can’t please em all. I dunno If I’m truly likeable, or not.

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I’m like able or so I’ve been told. People say that I’m easy to talk to and nice to be around. The problem for me is that I’m socially uncomfortable and lack self esteem from having a chronic illness. I was a bit of a loner before but I still made plenty of friends. Vi don’t know what it is now, it’s like I have people repellant sprayed on me.

I think I’m likeable but I don’t let relationships go very far just because I don’t like to socialize with more than one person at a time. Don’t drink anymore so that kinda makes me an outcast. Family is important to me.

I think you’re very likeable.

I saw the results and most people seem to be voting that they are unlikeable. I think you’re all underestimating yourselves if you voted that way.


I’m likeable to a few initially, because I’m friendly. But I can see people’s expressions change sometimes after a few minutes. I never know exactly what I’ve said or done, but I never know what to say or do for very long.

I didn’t vote :blush:

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I think you’re likeable, @everhopeful :blush:


I think I’m likeable but people in my class don’t like me. Not for any particular reason. I don’t like them either!!! Except this one girl I like. It’s annoying cuz I think her boyfriend is in the class. It’s not that I can’t be friends with her only, cuz she has a boyfriend, but he’s IN the class. So it interferes with our friendship. My roommates like me though and so does my family.


@everhopeful you have a very kind soul. When you were gone for a couple weeks everybody missed you. I sure like you. Not pressuring you to post a pic, but using my intuition, I feel if you posted a pic, everyone would like you even more!!! And that shows you’re likeable