Poll: Do you take a generic version of your meds?

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  • No

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Dunno :smile: I think so, maybe the olanzapine I am taking is generic, because the brand name is Oleanz, not Zyprexa. I think the amisulpride is not generic, because the brand name is Solian, and that’s what I am taking.

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Yes - you know your medications. Solian is the brand name, so not generic.

Here is a list of the generic and brand names for all the antipsychotic medications:

For my AP I take Abilify. For my other meds for cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes and beta blocker I use generic meds. Generic Abilify is not yet available in my country.

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I take generic Olanzapine, but the Abilify is the branded one. I was surprised the NHS gave me branded meds, I guess Abilify has not gone generic yet.

is the “main” chemical.

Here in the UK nhs services tend to prescribe generics. Think you can request branded drugs but not sure if you are legally entitled to them

Im on perphenazine generic for trilafon. and name brand latuda. I tried picking up my first latuda script without showing them my Medicaid card and they tried charging me 212 bucks for a month’s supply. Im not sure how I will ever afford that when my Medicaid stops, the day it does. :frowning:

Most meds I take generics

I take homemade version

In the UK we don’t really have brand versions, not that I have seen.

every last one since abilify went generic a month ago

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No problems with generic abilify I assume?

my farmacist offered me a generic olanzapine.
and not brand name zyprexa, because zyprexa was too expensive
for the insurrance company.
I got it anyway because my psychiatrist.stated it was a medical necessity.
i dont trust generic medication.

No problems here! Have there ever been real problems with generic versions of meds aside from people not trusting them?


Of the 9 meds I take, only my Symbicort (asthma inhaler) is brand name. My psych meds (Haldol and Elavil) are both generic and dirt cheap.

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