Poll: Are you taking brand name drugs or generic drugs?

Self -explanatory. For your anti-psychotic or your top prescription drugs.

Abilify -Brand name
Arip MT -Generic brand

Zoloft -Brand name
Setrof -Generic brand

  1. Brand name drugs
  2. Generic drugs

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Both, I take Latuda and generic Geodon, Ziprasidone.

I switched to generic geodon and effexor. No problems with the switch. Appreciate the savings.


Generic but often call them by brand names cause u find people recognise it more (only if there is a close substitute)

I’m on a brand name injection, Depixol, first generation so it’s cheap as chips. I don’t pay for my meds there free here in the UK.

Sometimes they give me brand name Geodon, and sometimes they give me generic ziprasidone at the assisted living center where I live. I also take quetiapine and buproprion.

I take all generics. That’s what my insurance pays towards.

I take quite a few non-psych meds, but overall I only take two brand name meds. The generics I take are:

  • lisinopril - blood pressure
  • pantoprazole - acid reflux
  • fenofibrate - high triglycerides
  • atenolol - fast pulse (tachycardia)
  • atorvastatin - high cholesterol
  • clozapine - schizophrenia

The two brand name meds I take are ProAir (rescue inhaler for asthma) and Symbicort (long-term asthma control).

In spite of a generic being released in September the Invega I take is evidently still a brand name in my town at least. Otherwise it’s all generics.

I’ve taken Abilify and as of a year ago I’ve been taking Geodon instead. I’ve been told about Clozapine but really don’t want to go through with the blood work. I’m also on Prozac, Kolonzapin, and Wellbutrin for depression and anxiety.