POLL: do you suspect that your disability surfaced because of your use of drugs/alcohol?

  • i suspect that drugs/alcohol caused my disability to surface
  • i dont suespect that drugs/alcohol caused my disability to surface

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I’ve hallucinated since childhood. Heard voices before I ever even started drinking coffee. No, I don’t think it had anything to do with it.

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I never did illegal drugs other than the legal ones. I tried weed a few times as its legal here and it made me psychotic and aggressive, my friend was surprised as it didn’t have that effect on him and he smoked much more than me.

Pot may had been a trigger for me. But in my case, the genetics were all there. So were the environmental stressors.


Although a psychoactive substance triggered a major episode, I suffered with a mood disorder and anxiety all my life.

I suspect that it was caused by tobacco. I didn’t smoke till I was 26 and coincidentally things went downhill from there.

Perhaps it had a role, I don’t really know what triggered my schizophrenia. I also took a blow to the head when I was younger so maybe that contributed to it, could be genetic although no one in my family that I know of has it but traits can skip many generations and then resurface. When I first started smoking pot it was in high school and it did not make me psychotic at all. It made me feel euphoric and I would laugh my ass off and have a great time.

The last time I smoked pot was years ago but I had this awful psychotic physical feeling, I don’t know how to describe it, but I didn’t hallucinate or become delusional. I don’t smoke weed anymore, I don’t want to risk an episode based on how I felt the last time I smoked it.

I tried a cbd/thc tincture to try and help me sleep and it also gave me that psychotic physical feeling, but again I didn’t hallucinate or become delusional so I don’t use that anymore either. CBD by itself doesn’t affect me at all psychologically, but sometimes it give me a small energy boost.

No, I don’t think so. I was not using any drugs or alcohol when it surfaced. You never can be 100% sure with this illness though. There are a lot of so called “contributing factors”.

I think extreme stress from abuse and neglect triggered me to be different and have issues.

I had psychiatric issues way in advance of any drug use.

Started seeing a doctor for OCD and started therapy around twelve.

My symptoms started becoming severe around eight.

Parents thought it was a spiritual problem.

When I started smoking cannabis it was the greatest relief.

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I forgot to mention this but long before I touched any substances, when I was in primary school they labelled me with a “behavioural problem” and one teacher recommended a psychologist. We went once but I didn’t want to go again. So maybe my problems have nothing to do with substance abuse, or they could have made it worse over time, I don’t really know. there are so many possible theories and explanations. I am just glad the meds work.

I drank a small shot on new years and my birthdays, a negligible amount for a young 20 something.

I never used an illegal drug. I never abused any sort of drug to get high or for any other reason.

the fact of the matter is i never hallucinated until after i was started on and then quit risperdal, that could be to blame in my case, i mean i was 28 before i had my first voice, diagnosed and started on meds at 27.

i smoked pot from 18-25 without voices. was sober when voices started.

I heard voices as early as 14 I recall a voice telling me to jump off the ferry

i suspect drugs triggered my condition.

It sure didn’t help me much. More of a coping mechanism numbing my brain

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I’ve had psych problems since I’m a little kid, and I’ve never been seriously into drugs or alcohol, so, no.

my psychosis started two or three months after taking drugs in huge dose for first and only time ever

I have no way of knowing. Pretty sure marijuana doesn’t cause it alone, or far more people would have sz.

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Some bad acid trips triggered mine but I believe I would have eventually got sick anyways.