POLL: do you suspect that your disability surfaced because of your use of drugs/alcohol?

i was mentally disabled as a child with apathy, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc and i hated being a child.

i was mentally disabled before drugs but drug use made it come out more and made new symptoms surface.

a friend of mine i had said if you are going to take drugs you have to have your sh it together with who you are and etc.
i didnt.

i suspect i was injected with a drug without my consent by a boyfriend or guy i was seeing.
i took drugs willingly such as pills or snorting powder but always said no to injecting needles.
i was passed out one day by some drug and maybe weed and have a memory of something sharp going into my arm and after that i was f u c ked and hospitalised for the first time.

i never used drugs daily just weekends.

wow that sounds intense. i hope you have moved beyond the people and situations that got in into all that mess.

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I had a depressive break at 23 and walked away smoking weed. Worked better for me than prozac.

Trouble was 6 years later I was still smoking and my mind was unravelling. I had serious issues and ended up going psychotic whilst still trying to smoke every day…even though it was lightweight leaf otherwise I’d be an absolute mess…

I would have hit that point eventually but it certainly didn’t help!

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yeah back then i had friends and could easily make friends but they left long ago and now i dont have friends to hang out with as such and it is nolonger easy for me to make new friends as i dont drink alcohol anymore etc.

i have a few woman i volunteered with making bags i would love to be friends with but we are just aquanintances i guess.

i have one x boyfriend i call on the phone once a fortnight and he is my dear friend.

some people want to dominate me nowadays which makes me uncomfortable or makes me avoid them as i do not think they are my superior just because they have a agressive energy about them.
a true grace doesnt put others down to put themself up.

i guess its better to be alone than to be with people who are bad to you and bad for you.

still would be nice to have some genuine real friends but i would not be friends with anyone nowadays.
some people i am not that keen on and do not want in my life and others are best as aquaintance only.

i have friends in spirit.
that counts!


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thank you :slight_smile: yes i have.

My husband and I were doing quite a bit of pot when my illness surfaced. But, I had the genetics, the prenatal environment and the abuse history too.

No. Not at all. I abused alcohol and drugs BECAUSE of the Schizophirenia. I always said the LSD did it at 19 - but i long since changed my mind.

Went down the usual route like most of us do - by self medicating with it.

I was prodromal for years,unmedicated.

My dr said more of my computer addiction and that my mother was predisposed to it.

No, I don’t think drugs can cause schizophrenia. I think they can cause short term psychosis though

Drugs don’t cause it. It’s witchcraft and wizardry. Even 6 year olds have developed schizophrenia. What drugs did they take?