Poll: Do you suffer from "catastrophic thinking"?

  • Yes
  • No

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If Yes, do you have any hints or tips to share about how you deal with it?

what is catastrophic thinking…is it thinking leading to disaster

Thinking about the worst that can happen, and getting all upset about it, as though it had already happened.


I sit around and dwell on terrible eventualities. I tell other people not to do that, but I do it myself.

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Yes, but I’ve gotten it from constantly to occasionally. So that’s something.


Lol. The results.


My therapist suggested that I use Self Talk - you know, using positive self talk to help combat all the negativity - i just started, so far so good.

I do suffer from catastrophic thinking - constantly.

Yeah I do a lot. Monday my classes started and yesterday I had an anxiety moment where I could just know everything was going to go wrong. “Psychosis is going to return” “I won’t be able to do this” “This will be too much” … Well I was in a middle of a class and couldn’t take my benzo to calm me down so I had to do self talk like @Wave suggested, it worked a bit. I was able to calm down, heart wasn’t racing anymore and I was able to focus on the class again. Basically I just told myself “I will worry when the time comes”, if I do get psychotic again I’m going to take it as a failure. Not ready for that, still not over the last one.

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Yep I sure Do I’m good at thinking about worst case scenarios :neutral_face:

I can throw myself into a panic thinking about the worst case situation.

It seems like I never stop and think that things are going to be Ok. In my mind, the worst case is all my mind focuses on.

How do I cope with catastrophic thinking? I think of how many times I have come through despite crises. I also break things down step by step to function.

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I’m the only one who voted no…


What, are you some kind of spy or something??


yes, I’m horrible like that. One of my ex’s used to shout out “wcs” when I would be explaining what I was worried about (worst case scenario)

Somebody had to!

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You must be Vote 2, which actually explains so much :smiley_cat:

Always. I did not do that before. It’s come latest years. If I can’t reach my husband on the phone he is either dead or angry with me for unknown reason. If I get a call from school my son is in trouble or hurt. This far nothing of that has happened.

Yes I recently learned about this in my coping skills class and I do it. I’m supposed to replace those thoughts with better, positive possible scenarios. I, also sometimes have to tell myself to stop it and remind myself it’s unhealthy and probably not realistic. Sometimes I’ll recite the serenity prayer to myself.


Yes,very much so. Even when things turn out better than expected I can’t shake off future catastrophic thinking.