Catastrophic thinking of the catastrophic kind

I hate it. Basically assuming the worst is going to happen and I’ll be helpless to prevent any of it , or deal with it.

I think forgetting it’s just catastrophic thinking is the worst. I get caught up in it, like it’s guaranteed to happen.

Then when I realise I’m having catastrophic thinking, I can kind of snap myself back to reality.


I have catastrophic thinking all the time.
It just comes naturally unfortunately.
I apply CBT techniques and it sometimes helps but not all the time.
It’s very frustrating.

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This is a huge issue for me.

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Can anyone share some CBT tips for overcoming catastrophic thinking? I also struggle with this and haven’t seen a proper doctor yet.

Isn’t it a good thing to be always prepared for the worst?

It seems that catastrophic thinking doesn’t prepare me for anything. It just paralyses me. :disappointed:

I think that this is exactly the right kind of thinking.
My expectations of life are very very low.
I expect the worst, never to be cured, never to be able to lead the life I want to lead.
I am ready to suffer my whole life.
When this is the starting point, you are never down,
and the only thing that might happen is pleasant surprises.
@zeno is right.

Mmm I think that he is talking about the irrational side of the catastrophic thinking, the one dominated by fear and despair; and not ours of tranquility and mindfulness.


CBT advocates mindfulness, and it can be good for all sorts of ‘thinking’ issues.

Here is a basic version:

If you practice having thoughts and letting them go it can help you to sweep thoughts aside when you need to.

After that you need to replace the thoughts with something in the present, like focusing on your surroundings. I just take something nearby and examine it closely, appreciating every aspect of it and thinking about where it came from and how amazing it is.


everhopeful. it serves well as a guard against disappointment doesn’t it?


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Agreed. I did CBT years ago and it has helped endlessly.

I just got around to watching this video, thank you SO much. I love guided meditation/mindfulness.

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