Is it hard to recover on the catastrophical thinking?

I am sorry to always ask my questions, but I am very worried. I am afraid my sz is quite serious…
Cause I spent the whole day with this catastrophical thinking again… I don’t know if its a symptom or its really because of my tough life situation now?

I couldn’t do anything today, cause I was very scared. When I am like this, I somatize. I get weak, I have my body hallucinations, I am shaky, nauseous etc etc. So I cant move on, no…

Talk me more about your catastrophical thinking please. How you got better on it? Is it more a symptom in our cases or its a real thing to worry about the future like this?

please, don’t be hard with me. I sometimes go out, but I cant do more. I am to the point, that I tell outside to myself sometimes ‘‘move your feet forward’’ in order to walk with this fear in my soul… I can also talk to myself in my head ‘‘don’t shake, don’t shake’’ in front of the cashiers etc etc. yeah… That’s why I sometimes get tired to fight like this, cause its a bit too much for a human…

L-theanine helped me with my catastrophic thinking. But I still worry about my future a lot.

I guess your life situation is bad, ever, isn’t it? Gosh, this is terrible… maybe i’ll die alone yes. with all my strongest will to live happily though. My ill friends doesn’t understand my isolation too… I am scared about my body too,lol.
but I am sorry for you too… yeah, theres a lot of truth in this worry…

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But can this fade away and then, start to act instead of this, in your opinion ever? How is it for you? you are paranoid sz too, no? You know the paranoia, no? Its ultra disabling… the problem is that I waited too much to be helped and that’s why my illness got so difficult. I isolated myself two decades ago… No med can help me now.

There’s always hope. Give L-theanine a go. It definetely helps. Also when I increased the dose of my meds that helped. Maybe you could increase the dose of your meds? You’re on a low dose.

no, I cant increase it. I am 95 kilos already and the Zyprexa wont help me to act. I know what kind of med is this. It wont give me more motivation no. I have lots of symptoms and I don’t want a med for everything. Cause my symptoms are hard to describe even. Ill be a dead zombie if I take meds for all the stuff that I have. I tried all the meds on the market already… I did just that for 8 years. I count on the Zyprexa for the future still, that’s all. But thanks that you are concerned :slight_smile: . The docs also doesn’t know what to give me anymore. I guess I should continue working on my stabilization a bit alone. But yes, I get lonely with all this.

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I see a psychologist and most of my fears and catastrophic thinking center around the afterlife. I still go through it in cycles. Usually I get so upset about it that I can’t function and then I collapse to the point where I get too tired to care. Then I forget about it for a while and then it comes back. So far I’ve managed to go through these cycles while still doing what I need to do but it is exhausting and upsetting. I find talking to my psychologist about it helps.

Oh, ok, I see… :slight_smile: So you still do what you should do even with it? Yeah, me I cant act often when I have it. But its almost every evening now. I come from a state, that I didn’t care about anything, about my life etc. Now, I care yeah. and I have this now.
Glad that your psychologist helps you. Its probably a tough thing what we have in our heads, yeap. I had cognitive issues for sure I think.

I have had too many thoughts. Best to tell the pdoc.

I really struggle with the catastrophic thinking especially over new and future events , I always imagine worst case scenarios. The fact things usually turn out better than expected doesn’t train my mind not to worry so much next time. It’s a very hard thing to combat.

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Oh yeah, you think its a hard symptom to heal on? Especially if you lived for ten years like this no? :confused:

what kind of med is good for this worried thinking, kerli? well, tbh its some kind of thinking for me… I was very numb before it too

Maybe surround yourself with positive people or more positive environment or do something you enjoy.

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I think it’s very hard to get past it. The thing is I even catastrophise about small things other people take in their stride. Currently I’m catastrophising about this new laptop I’m getting. Thinking I won’t cope with windows 10 and I’ll be cut off from the internet . i wouldn’t wish this kind of crap on anyone.

I don’t know if prozac is for everybody but my experience is very positive about it. Maybe it has such a good effect cause I’m taking it with olazapine.

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Didn’t you get a bit better on it with the time? Do you find progress on you? sorry to just keep asking, but I am like you, fire… I can get worried only from the idea of seeing people on the next day. well, I take it as something, which can pass, but it lasts, so I am not sure on this :frowning: .
since how much time you are like this @firemonkey?
kerli, the antidepressants make my fears worse. My nervousness too.

and youll be fine with windows 10 fire… :slight_smile: I didn’t find a big difference with the previous ones. :slight_smile: Well, I worry about some stuff too. Mostly about my future socializing, which I cant realize now. Maybe I should take this worry as better, than not carrying about myself at all and being just numb? idk…

I suffer from the same sort of thought pattern. But I’ve been in therapy for it. And it’s helping. I suggest therapy for you too.

I’ve never really got better with it.

I hope you’re right . I’m a klutz when it comes to tech though.

I really struggle with socialising.

I totally understand not wanting to be put on a med for absolutely every symptom. It’s annoying when the docs do that and you realize maybe best not to tell them everything.