Poll: Do You Catastrophize Things In Your Head?

Catastrophizing is when you think of the worst possible thing that can happen.

  • Yes
  • No

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I always do this!!! I must plan out my response to the worst possible scenario at all times. It gets exhausting, and it never makes me feel any better. I don’t know why I do it. My husband is the exact opposite. He just always assumes nothing bad will happen, and whenever anything goes wrong , he just shrugs and starts looking for the easiest possible solution. I would love to have his zen attitude.


Haha I just ruminate on the bad thoughts. I never act on them because the kind of paralyze me while the thoughts are racing through my mind and millions of miles per hour

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If it was an Olympic sport I’d be a triple gold medal winner !


tbh I never expect so many people to answer this way

It’s funny i do catastrophize things but i always tell myself i can cope with the catastrophe and that helps. I mostly cured ocd partly with this attitude.

So far there are 24 votes, 23 said YES and I am the only one who said NO. In my country we have a saying: if three people tell you you’re drunk, go to bed without hesitation. Same here, it seems I should catastrophize things too !!?


hahaha no. It was just a Poll to see what everyone believes about themself. It wasn’t meant to tell anyone what to do :upside_down_face:

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i do it all the time. the worst case scenario always plays out in my head. it’s really stressful to live like this but it’s all my brain knows how to react.

Many, many different courses of therapy help me with this.

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No, I don’t. I’ve been accused of it, but I don’t. Thinking about how things could go is fine if it helps you prepare, you just have to realize that it most likely won’t get that bad. But you should be prepared for anything. Failing to take into account that things could get really bad is not better than failing to take into account that things most likely won’t get really bad.

Edit: Also, I’m not neurotic, I’m a pretty calm person. Some people seem to think you can’t think about potentially bad things without feeling anxiety. I think those people are the ones that are neurotic. Also, I think it’s pretty weird that 90% voted yes. Maybe some of you have been led to believe that you catastrophize when you don’t.

Sometimes. Like communicating with people online I think they are going to interpret what I say in the worst way and in a way I didn’t mean it. Or if they don’t respond to my pm’s for a while, that they don’t like me anymore and don’t want to be my friend anymore. I try to tell myself " Hey people have to have lives, there’s probably a better explanation." That helps a little.

It’s why I keep myself inside my home most of the time and miss out on a lot of things in life.

I catastrophize health problems

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So like hypochondriac?

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Yes but not always without reason. I just cancelled a holiday. If I went I might have gotten I’ll there and I can’t even speak the language there :frowning:

A close up

I zoomed in. I saw long hair and bad photoshop skills :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah idk how i got here either lol


If you simply add for a while to whatever you’re catastrophizing about the anxiety should decrease.