Poll: Do you have trouble reading?

Sometimes I do, but not always

It’s called Aloud! In appstore for iPhone. Have tested it and it feels good this far. It also has several languages to chose from.

Since my last psychotic break, I make errors when reading and I have no motivation to read books.

@SzAdmin my doctor said it could be good for negative symptoms. And it’s working of course, not like how I would like it to work like amphetamines, but without the good feelings.

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before I got sick I read lengthy books all the time. I haven’t read in years and I miss it, maybe I’ll give it another try.

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Yes, at times I do have trouble reading.

The same goes with conversations at times.

I have to ask the speaker to slow down quite a bit.

For me to understand what they are saying.

Because they seem to talk too fast for me to comprehend.

I would ask what? What?

Your talking to fast. I don’t understand.

Sometimes I don’t even bother.

Because it would be embarrassing if they do it in public.