Poll: Do you have trouble reading?

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I have no trouble with it but I can’t enjoy it anymore.

I can’t really read anything longer than a few paragraphs. But I have an app on my phone that speaks text. So I can now only ‘read’ electronic documents.


What’s that app? I’m interested. Does it read pdf?

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Yes, does pdf and other formats too. it’s for android. It’s called ‘@voice aloud’ reader. I’d give it 10/10!

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Yes I do, but I think I am improving.

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I think with the addition of strattera my trouble reading has gone down to nothing. But before Yes I had trouble reading a few paragraphs.

I have a hard time with books or novels - I just cannot seem to focus.

I manage with shorter paragraphs etc…

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its hard reading long passages here on this forum, i sometimes read a bit longer but not much, it depends on a lot of factors which i cannot describe rite now


I enjoy reading… I have a hard time focusing.

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I read really well. I’m fortunate to have that ability, I didn’t realize that reading can often be very difficult for some of us.

I actually am quite good at reading. Literature and French were my forte in high school, and today I can read psychology articles and books incessantly.

It’s mainly because I am a lazy reader and I save my focus and time (reading takes time) for things I am very interested in. I don’t read the newspaper or fiction. I just read for either my own curiousity about psychological things or for class and school I read psychological articles and books.

In my down time I have been outlining a history of psychology book, typing a thorough outline on Microsoft word if that says anything about my reading habits.

But “too long didn’t read” or TLDR happens to me a lot, especially on social media, like when a friend posts an article, seldom do I actually read the articles.

I mean after reading hundreds of articles for my research I kind of don’t want to do intensive reading on lunch break or when I wake up, ect.

Before meds I had to read a few pages at a time and then set the book down and pick it back up, and sometimes I had to reread a page because my mind was just somewhere else.

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Is there anything similar to iPhone?

There’s a few:

Some free, some paid, but the paid ones don’t seem too expensive.

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Thank you very much!

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I found voice reader web. I’ll try it out. :slight_smile:

I have trouble reading. I can only concentrate long enough to read short paragraphs. I also read things that aren’t there. I go back and reread what I read and it’s not the same. The things that are not there tend to not make any sense.

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When I was first ill I couldn’t concentrate to read - immediately after psychosis I remember I couldn’t put two words together and just kept reading the same one word until I felt like screaming. That’s worn off and now I love a good book - but one thing I have learned - life is short and if a book doesn’t pull you in after 50 pages then ditch it and get another.


What dose of Stratera are you using? Do you have any ADHD or did your Pdoc give it to you for negative symptoms?

Cool - thanks for sharing!

Here are links to it:

and something similar on the iphone / pad

After my concussion I had a really hard time reading. I adjusted by using blue light therapy. I changed my computer screen to a blue tint and I bought blue sunglasses for reading books. It worked amazingly!

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