Why I can't read?

It’s really weird. I always had a struggle with reading, but since a couple of years, I began to really struggle with reading. I would lose interest easily and don’t complete the book I was reading. I also read very slow.

Needless to say, this is affecting my personal achievement, cause the more you know, the more you can do in life and offer to others. So anyone has an idea how to solve this problem? I don’t have dyslexia by the way.

Thanks in advance

You’re not alone

I have troubles reading sometimes. It’s a concentration issue I think, at least with me. I can only read in little bits…I love books with either short chapters (like James Patterson’s novels) or books that have various breaks within the chapter…some place with an easy stop point. I’m having a really hard time finishing this story I’m reading right now though, it’s not the writing of the author…it’s just the story itself I’m really not connecting with like I thought I would. But I push on because I hate not finishing a story.

Just don’t push yourself. You’ll never enjoy the story if you push yourself too hard to read it. Just try and read short amount at one time.


Audio books :blush:

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I also have trouble reading. I read as I did when I was 9. Slowly and I can read the same page 4 times and still not remember a ■■■■.

I found out here in Sweden we have Legimus. It’s an app for us with reading disabilities. It reads books for you. All the books in the library has been remade to voice mp3. I now have a million books to chose from. Instead of none.

Maybe you have something like that in your country?


I was a really strong reader as a kid but when sz hit I couldn’t read to save my life. This lasted for several years. Eventually on some meds I was able to read finally but I still zoned out a bit. Now it’s much much better.

Depending on what your exact trouble is there are a lot of alternatives to reading now if you find you’re interested in something but actual reading is tough. Audiobooks can be great. The library here has an ok selection. I have found that I like listening to lectures or presentations instead of reading sometimes. YouTube is full of good content that is recorded fairly well. Someone started a thread on open source courses earlier and I have really enjoyed those.

If you have an Apple device you can access iTunesU and stream or download quite a bit of content for free.

Not sure if any of this helps at all. I have found that a lot of the things our brains will and won’t do change often and can’t really be reasoned with. Sometimes it changes in its own. Sometimes it just evolves. When I went into remission I found that so many things I thought I we tuning out had been lodged in my brain somewhere. Not everything of course but when I felt so far removed all this stuff around me went in and I didn’t know.

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Find a book you can read just for pleasure and let yourself skim through it a little. You will probably retain enough to enjoy the story. Maybe after that you can tackle heavier stuff.

A few years back I could not read at all. Slowly it has improved and I have go through some books. I do struggle with long complicated passages though. Usually I will stick to smaller passages.

With SZ, out of a million choices, how are you going to choose just one book?

I can read anything, but if I get discouraged with something somebody says, I can’t read anything for a while. I read a page or two at a time and find I get confounded by long, complicated explanations. My last subject matter was neuroscience. I like reading technical, medical information about SZ. Maybe you need to change the subject matter you’re choosing. I find that if I am dealing with an emotional blockage, I am unable to read at all.

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Recommendations and top lists. Also biographies are interesting.

I don’t have the motivation to read a book. I make mistakes a lot of the time.

Acquired reading difficulties are common for people with schizophrenia. When I got ill with sz I couldn’t read anything anymore. I had been reading 8+ hours a day prior to getting ill with sz, I could concentrate for hours. Now I’m lucky if I can concentrate for 20 minutes, but I’m improving with practice. I went for years without reading anything but I’ve started reading again now.

I also get this weird thing now that I didn’t get at all when I was studying at my uni. I will replace words I’m reading with other words that are in my mind. There is no connection between the word on the page and the word in my mind, for instance I could read “how are you today” as “how long is the day” and I only find out it was wrong when I read the sentence again from the beginning. It’s strange… didn’t do this at all before I got sz.