I wish i could read again

Since i’ve started being a schizophrenic I had a hard trouble reading people responses and even regular text. I wish i were like i use to be, but now i can’t even work at a math problem because of my condition. I’m rendered useless =(


That’s how I feel. I used to be a bookworm. But I can listen to audiobooks so I do that.

I also use this free app for reading stuff out loud

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:smile: Wonder how that is going to help on my SAT’s

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I hear ya! I have reading troubles too!

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I have trouble reading both people and books, and now I have to work out math on paper instead of in my head like I used to.

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I read a lot for class, but it’s stressful. I have to take a lot more breaks than I used to. I can’t just bang out 2-3 hours of reading anymore last minute.

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Would reading along from the page with an audio book being read to you help re-learn reading?


It might. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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