Reading difficulties Question


I want to know if you guys have problems reading anything. It is easy for me to write down things, but have big problems reading anything. I cannot concentrate on words and sentences.

The reason is because my voices gets more intense and have also other hallucinations that makes me just give up.

At work I have to read multiple rounds and really work hard by double clicking the words to confirm and read and read. My reading is getting a lot quicker because I do not want to focus so I read a lot faster to avoid voices and disturbances. This will make me loose context or meaning, and I end up reading it again.

I want to know if anyone have similar issue and what you do to combat it. I wish I can read books.

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This is one of my biggest problems. I too can’t e.g. read a book as I don’t have the concentration.

I have an app on my phone that reads pdf files out aloud. This way, I can listen to books, even if I can’t read them.

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Thank you!

Maybe I should focus on audio books.

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I have trouble reading sometimes when my thoughts are racing - kind of like being in a hypo mania. For me, it goes away with time, as it probably will with you too.

I have a hard time reading long posts on this forum! Or news stories… Anything more than two or three paragraphs and then my brain just kind of stops.

I have trouble reading. I have an app from the library. I can listen to all audio books in the library. Fact, fiction and school litterature. It is free for Swedish citizens.

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I have a difficult time reading. I went through a spurt of good reading abilities about six or so months ago and I was reading a good series of books that I really liked. But then it stopped.

My partner bought me a book called Surviving Schizophrenia to read, I haven’t read past the first sentence and maybe not even that far.

most definitely i have reading difficulties
but not because of positives (they are under control)
whats stoping me from reading is anhedonia i think
both motivational and consumatory
so its not lack of focus because i do enter some kind of flow when i read or watch moocs

My schizophrenia involves focus and cognitive function issues. I can read adequately but do not enjoy it. I never finish things I read in one sitting. It’s much the same effect as tv, I imagine too much about the characters or material I’m reading to make a lot of progress. I have the desire to read but I read very rarely.

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I really really want to sit and read but can’t. It makes me really sad just like now.

You can really blame the internet, for me. The most I’ve gotten through a book was halfway through The Fault In Our Stars. Of course, it also helps if you’ve seen the movie already almost twice in full. I also have the soundtrack on CD and in iTunes, lol!

The most recently I mean!

Can you read easy things or short forum posts?

Yes I can read but it’s very annoying.

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I thought the Zoloft fixed my reading difficulties but now I realize it was just a fluke day.

Its okay though because I don’t want to read all that much books!!!

I’m good without it id rather listen to music

My ability to read well/concentrate fluctuates a lot from day to day.

me too and sometimes its unbearable
i always open many tabs for reading just to end up clicking through them constantly
start reading one article than switch to try another etc

i came to conclusion that anhedonia is to blame for that unbearable feeling