How many of you have problems reading?

How many of you here have problems with reading? My cognitive problems first started after I took my first antipsychotic. Soon after the hallucinations and delusions went away I noticed I couldn’t read as well as I used to. I’m hoping that KarXT alleviates this problem I have when it comes out. So do you guys have problems reading and what do you do to alleviate this problem?


I just keep on reading. If it sticks, its fine. If it doesnt. I try again. What else can realisitically be done.

So far im scoring 70s in my physics degree for the most part - which is evidence that this approach is working.


Well not only do I have problems reading I get confused very easily as well. I had recently had problems understanding a seemingly easy basketball play. I don’t think I could pass a physics class now even though I still like to read up on it and watch stuff about it. It’s all very frustrating because I used to have a high IQ and was put in gifted classes as a kid.

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Stuff I read changes, like a hallucination.

I imaginr letters snd words that arent there. Or i imaginr ive written something when i havent.

All in all. It effects my marks, but i still manage to do enough to pass.

Believe in yourself. That will hold at bay the cognitive difficulties

I had problems reading when I was first DXed. Couldn’t read at all. Now I read a lot and it’s complicated stuff (I’m a senior insurance broker). It is a skill that can be reclaimed, but it takes consistent effort.


I’ve never had problems reading. What I did experience post diagnosis was being told that reading x would tax my brain too much. That, coupled with a quite severe lack of confidence, put me off reading for a good number of years.

I can read. In fact, it’s a big hobby for me. But I can’t read for long periods of time. I’m also into creative writing and have written many stories and novels (unpublished so far). I spend about an hour a day on them. I think my anti-psychotic drug dulls my emotions. I often wonder if I’d be a better writer if I had a better connection to my emotions. I tried reducing my drug this summer, with permission from a doctor, and my emotions became more intense, but other nasty symptoms forced me to raise the dose again.

To this day I have a problem reading books, since psychoses. I can read digital with ease though. I have too many books I bought that I haven’t read or want to read again.

My middle son is a insurance broker as well.

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I as well have hardship when reading. I have to reread as well. Anyone heard of Jim Kwik? I’m doing lessons from him and it’s quite difficult. Trying to speed up my reading.