Poll: Do you find normal people boring?

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I’m going to vote Yes, but maybe I just know boring people.

I wouldn’t use the word “boring” exactly, but I can’t really connect with them, so I guess “boring” could happen vicariously as a result in some cases. I think it’s more about lack of connection, though. I learned early in life that I am only “not boring” when I am acting the clown, usually in self-deprecating ways. So I don’t put much value in being entertaining, so I don’t fault others for not being entertaining, either. It’s not worth much. But I find it weird how they can often invest so much emotion in the most trivial ■■■■.

most faggen certainly… norrow minded pricks can’t even tell the ends and meaningless of insecurity…

and the god damn nonsense that is everything society has passed to them

There not mostly boring, but there in lies the problem.
Too much drama, too much noise, and too little thinking going on upstairs.

They talk small talk, which would bore me if I could keep up with it. As it is I’m mostly lost trying to follow them.

Normal people have lives that I have desired to have in the past. They seem to handle things better than we do. But most of them drink alcohol, coffee, take over the counter pills, and do similar things we do to handle stress. They self medicate too and I’ve noticed there has been an alarming increase in prescription drug abuse among them. Even though they have more functional lives you often find they have trouble dealing with things without something to get them through it. Many normal college freshmen binge drink at least once. Many of them eat too much and the wrong foods at that. Many of them have food and drink habits that are harmful. And many of them have a loved one like us and suffer when we suffer. They don’t understand what we are going through and expect us to heal like schizophrenia is a temporary thing. And it’s frustrating to them when we don’t. Normal people are also often hiding the fact that they are not really normal.


What is normal? Yes. No. I’m not normal though I’d die for somone to relate a story I’d read in the NYtimes too. Maybe I am normal just never got the memo that we’re all seemingly aliens, no…no, never.

Normal? I’ve struggled all life long trying to come to a defintinition of this only to come to the conclusion that it’s up to us all to define our own normal…put off alll the fireworks…I had no idea and was prized for it.

What’s normal?

“I can’t do what ten people tell me to do so I guess I’ll remain the same” -Otis F-sing Reading Mthr Fthrs.

There will be interesting and boring people in either people with mental illness or normal people.


I’m just. Trying to stimulate thought,no big point,just like watching a dumb movie,I don’t thinks this conversation would disrupt anybodys s world,lighten up ,good to talk about stuff,I’m not scared of either one so it s about my souls right to breath.That’s the constitutions purpose.If you can’t say something nice don’t say it,I’m not the one offending anybody here

Did you reply to me,I didn’t try to offend you

I would hesitate to stereotype people like that. You use an awfully broad catagory. That said, I would say I relate to sz’s better than normal people. Sz’s have a wealth of shared experience.

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Not at all. Almost everything I like to do is done by normal people, almost everything that I value is created by them, almost all my friends would pass as normal. And while it is true that I have access to psychotic states of mind that they do not have, I very much prefer the non-psychotic states that I can share with them.


No I don’t. There are scientists and inventors out there, daredevils in the radical sports, and a lot more fun stuff. They probably scare me a little.

I wouldn’t use the word “boring” exactly, but I can’t really connect with them, so I guess “boring” could happen vicariously as a result

Yeah, maybe that’s at least part of what’s happening.

a lot of my normal friends have fun, adventurous lives…

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just checking in again to say yes,… yes they are incredibly boring to me…

except for a few

no, “normal people” are actually where its at. without the normals you wouldnt have the unnormal people. and just remember how amazing it is to be usual, with all of its given beauties.

Yes, they’re extremely boring. They keep doing the same things over and over, and have identical conversations over and over… Even when they think they’re being impressive or original, they’re just repeating what millions of people have already done. God forbid they talk about something different, maybe with some depth; no, that upsets their applecart.

So called “normal” people amaze me.

Many of them love to lead busy chaotic lives - they thrive on drama and chaos.

A lot of them love to drink alcohol and are caffeine addicts - or yes take drugs to help them cope.

I cant keep up with them and no longer try.

I don’t know any boring normal people. I find everyone to be interesting at least on some level.

You get what you give. If you yourself are a boring individual, you’ll probably attract boring people.