Are you a really boring person?


It’s not a question.


This is not an answer.


I freely admit that I am a very boring person. I do the same things every day over and over. The sameness and structure keep me healthy and sane. Boring is good. I haven’t always been boring. I used to be an exciting drama queen. And my life was a chaotic mess and I was very MI. I don’t ever want to go back to those days.


May be i am not sure


I’m unique, nothing else


Once a guy told me, you are special. I seemed confused and he added ’ in a very good way’ :smiley:

Maybe because I asked him why he was interested in me and did not have a girlfriend. I also tried helping him get on a dating site.


In my language we say

Akkkkkkkh. It is pronounced as Ahhhhhhhhhhh in Arabic. It means like I have so much to be sorry for.
I love my routine too even if I complain. It keeps me sane. I have a mediocre life, I am not who I used to be.

If I skip my skincare, I feel cranky the next day. If I am not in my bed at 9 - 10 pm I feel so grumpy and irritated.


I’m so boring. But I’m rarely bored.


I think I’m boring. I don’t have a job, I don’t go to school. I spend most of my time sitting around, smoking cigarettes, hanging out with my gf/family, drinking coffee, and meditating.


that sounds like a good life.


Besides the smoking cigarettes and sometimes drinking too much coffee, it is.


I’m boring on meds…no matter how scary it can be I find I’m never boring (or bored) when I’m psychotic. I kind of miss it…


Yes to the extreme. But I have some good days


I’m boring. I go to the store, listen to the radio, watch the news, drink tea or lattes. Sometimes go for walks


I like things the same too. I guess I’m boring that way too. I got upset that the store I shop at changed everything around, because I have to look for things now. I like knowing where stuff is when I shop. So everything took longer, and stressed me out. I’ll get over it, it just was very irritating. I like my routine, helps my stability it seems at least some.


Yes. I’m catastrophically boring. It keeps people away. I think that is what I want.


There is a lot to be said for appreciating the simple pleasures.


my sza plus my personality make me an interesting person. I’m also naturally a mysterious person. I draw inspiration from the underground music and fashion scene primarily. I’m what is considered “woke”

I strive to be anything but boring. I’m a spicy kind of guy.


Im a stranger to myself. But today i discovered something about myself…i never say no to gifts from other people…i say thank you for them but i dont mean it…i just take everything and i dont ask myself if i deserve those things.


I don’t know, if we’re not friends then don’t expect me to talk to you in a cheerful manner. I hate socializing most of the time, and that makes me boring I guess.