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Are you a really boring person?


It’s not a question.


This is not an answer.


I freely admit that I am a very boring person. I do the same things every day over and over. The sameness and structure keep me healthy and sane. Boring is good. I haven’t always been boring. I used to be an exciting drama queen. And my life was a chaotic mess and I was very MI. I don’t ever want to go back to those days.


By some definitions; yes. By some definitions; no.

I was reading a book earlier about physics. Boring right? But in those words and equations there is not just some dry and inaccessible material which most don’t care about, but it depend on how you look at it. To me, I see the secrets of the universe being revealed, albeit slowly, in front of my very eyes. I read a section about how light passes through different media at different speeds, and then I look at a prism, and see that the light is “bent” into different visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. And that knowledge gives me, even though only in a small way, an increased understanding of how a spectroscope works: and that device is used to measure the light given off by stars millions of light years away. And in that, there is a small piece of the puzzle which our universe in composed of. And that’s what I’ve gleaned from a book about physics which I knew nothing about until the book arrived yesterday. And moreover, that’s knowledge which has been gained just from looking at symbols written in ink on a piece of tree manufactured into paper. Yes it’s all just words, but those words mean something, even if that meaning is different for different people. That’s what I think anyway.


May be i am not sure


I’m unique, nothing else


Once a guy told me, you are special. I seemed confused and he added ’ in a very good way’ :smiley:

Maybe because I asked him why he was interested in me and did not have a girlfriend. I also tried helping him get on a dating site.


In my language we say

Akkkkkkkh. It is pronounced as Ahhhhhhhhhhh in Arabic. It means like I have so much to be sorry for.
I love my routine too even if I complain. It keeps me sane. I have a mediocre life, I am not who I used to be.

If I skip my skincare, I feel cranky the next day. If I am not in my bed at 9 - 10 pm I feel so grumpy and irritated.


I’m so boring. But I’m rarely bored.


I think I’m boring. I don’t have a job, I don’t go to school. I spend most of my time sitting around, smoking cigarettes, hanging out with my gf/family, drinking coffee, and meditating.


that sounds like a good life.


Besides the smoking cigarettes and sometimes drinking too much coffee, it is.


I’m boring on meds…no matter how scary it can be I find I’m never boring (or bored) when I’m psychotic. I kind of miss it…


Yes to the extreme. But I have some good days


I’m boring. I go to the store, listen to the radio, watch the news, drink tea or lattes. Sometimes go for walks


I like things the same too. I guess I’m boring that way too. I got upset that the store I shop at changed everything around, because I have to look for things now. I like knowing where stuff is when I shop. So everything took longer, and stressed me out. I’ll get over it, it just was very irritating. I like my routine, helps my stability it seems at least some.


Yes. I’m catastrophically boring. It keeps people away. I think that is what I want.


There is a lot to be said for appreciating the simple pleasures.


my sza plus my personality make me an interesting person. I’m also naturally a mysterious person. I draw inspiration from the underground music and fashion scene primarily. I’m what is considered “woke”

I strive to be anything but boring. I’m a spicy kind of guy.


Im a stranger to myself. But today i discovered something about myself…i never say no to gifts from other people…i say thank you for them but i dont mean it…i just take everything and i dont ask myself if i deserve those things.