Poll: do you cook?

last time I went to get my shot, one of the dr’s wanted to talk to me. he asked who does my cooking for me. I told him I cook or go to subway

  • I cook everyday
  • I cook occasionally
  • somebody cooks for me
  • I never cook

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I think im occasional. basically I prep my salad and make my soup of the week on the weekends. then I just open a few cans of beans and peas everyday. preheat the oven and throw in a baked potato daily, I don’t really consider that cooking

Not as much as I should do


I should be embarrased

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do you do take out?

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I’m being bad right now. I left the deep fryer ready to go last night. Currently have fries in it. I really shouldn’t.

I’m such a whore for deep fried food.



No. I live in a large family.

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I used to cook a lot more when I lived with my mom. I was really good at it especially baking chocolate chip cookies. I also made some squash with cheese on top, some casseroles, rice, chicken cutlets and more. My uncle who also passed used to cook for us and we had dinner every night as a family. He was really good at grilling and cooking in general. I wish I had cooked more with him while I had the chance.

My new apartments counterspace is all cluttered and the death of my mom left me with very little day to day motivation sometimes even to eat at all. I try to use a frying pan or the oven occasionally but I really hate cleaning. Some of the stuff on my counter has been there for months.

I brew a pot of coffee every day.

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sorry to hear about your uncle and mom. my condolences.

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tonight my mom is making chicken breast in her insta-pot. last time it was a little dry, usually the insta pot works wonders. she thinks that chicken breast tends to be on the dry side anyways she says.

My recipe for buttered toast is always a hit at family gatherings.

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I tend to eat ready meals
I used to cook with my slow cooker made curry and chicken in wine

i haven’t cooked properly for ages. Today I’ll be having sausages with micowaved pasta in sauce with some veg thrown in.

I used to cook, but since my illness got worse in the past year, i haven’t. Just have no motivation. I usually buy sandwiches or subway. I only eat once a day usually.

I eat mainly rawcost. Haven’t cooked 2min. noodles for ages. Sometimes I boil myself some frozen vegetables.
But still my diet is terrible. I got an eating disorder.

I sometimes cook, but it’s mostly noodles and pasta.

I made tortellini pasta yesterday… Don’t think it counts though… Just boiling water n chucking them in for five minutes…

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Since having a small child, I’m a lot better at feeding myself, before I’d live on one meal a day and now I eat my meals with him :slight_smile:

I find cooking helps me, I find it therapeutic to create something that people enjoy, also helps me feel less worthless when I’m able to do something nice and tasty for my family

That’s cooking. And it’s fantastic that you don’t just resort to eating fast food. It’s really good that you’re doing something healthy like a salad with beans and soup and a baked potato. I’m impressed.