POLL: did your doctor or anyone officially tell you not to eat or drink grapefruit?

  • i was officially told not to eat or drink grapefruit
  • i found out through back channels not to eat or drink grapefruit

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i’m pretty positive i shouldn’t drink the grapefruit that someone just gave me, since i take anti psychotics. no one ever told me before, though, i just happened to figure that out.


You shouldn’t consume grapefruit if you’re on certain prescription meds. There should be a statement to that effect somewhere on the med bottle, I would hope.

For example, I’m on a cholesterol lowering drug, simvastatin, and it states on the bottle:
“Do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice at any time while taking this medication.”


I’m on Simvastatin too. The doctor told me back in 2012 not to eat grapefruit.

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After about 2 years on my med, it suddenly started coming with the warning that @Moonbeam is talking about. Before that, I never got a warning.


Yup, like warfarin. Massive gut bleed. Darn good thing I’ve got the port to facilitate refills.


i didn’t know we can’t eat/drink grapefruit =/

It is only for certain medications.

ah ok =D… prob not the case for my meds then as they never told me that. But i don’t eat/drink grapefruit anyways.

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I think I was told by my old psychiatrist when I was on Tegretol for the first time.
This was decades ago.

one of the doctors at the hospital in virginia told me not to drink grapefruit juice, i think i was prescribed risperdal there. and i love grapefruit juice, so it was a bummer. my current doctors here have never mentioned it, now that im on invega, but i havent had any grapefruit juice for 6 years because of what the doctor in virginia told me.

My dr told me a good majority of meds react to grapefruit juice and often other fruit as well. I love grapefruit. Dang it

Why? Does it counteract anything? I take Clopixol and have been told nothing changes it’s effect!

It increases the efficacy of certain meds by up to 700%


And as a result can make it much easier to accidentally overdose.


I found out through reading the warning thing that came with the pills.
But I’m allergic to grapefruit anyways.

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