Grape fruit dangers

So, I’m up late due to music and have a question.

What is the deal with grape fruits???

I take abilify and have re-read the pharmacy warnings and instructions several times. It always says that they are unsure how it will react with grape fruit. Anyone know why?

What did the grapefruit do? I just don’t understand you know. WHy him? Of all the fruits

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Probably properties.

What properties? THe fruit. What does it do. Why nt lemons and lines. Why the grape fruit I ask. I saw a grape fruit a while ago. It didnt seem strange. My friend bought it. She likes citris fruits a lot. I wish she had a fruit tree because she likes citiris fruits.I actually have a friend who has a grape fruit tree. I was wondering if I could eat the grape fruit. I decided against it, for it could be dangerous.

Very interesting. I think I likes this fruit but avoud it safely.

Thank you @Minnii I am enlightened with soul and mind. A swell morning to you amici!

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@sharp is it a sick twisted fruit? heheheehaahaha/ I love that one. how can someone be a fruit? I would be a peach, no a tomato


Yeehheee. I am a tomaot tomato? to-moato. Im’ saying this all out loud. Its nearly 2 AM now. I hope mi famigia doesn’t murder me with a stick for the tomatoing! Tomato is friends of potato yes ? He is a berry special guy ehehehahaa

You definitely need some sleepii time :slight_smile:

That is a negative general Minni. To much rando music around ze brain. I’ll find slumber everntually.

You young folk and the desire to stay up late :slight_smile: jk, I was exactly the same.

Gotta go now, talk to you later :slight_smile:

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Okay. Sleep well!

I just woke up :slight_smile: Going to the Van Gogh Museum now :wink:

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Oh yeah! Have fun!

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Very good. I like it.

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Grape fruits always seemed acid and bitter and sour to me. It wouldn’t surprise me that they’re bad for us.

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Something to do with the CYP3A4 enzyme according to that.

Good to know, I didn’t realise there was an issue. Thanks.

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Goes for pomelos too damn shame.

I used to drink a glass of grapefruit juice after every mean because I was told it would be good to keep my weight down.

I have been strongly warned not to have grape fruit or grape fruit juice…it’s a real drag because I love me some grape fruit.