Do antidepressants help your negatives or worsen them?

To me it worsens greatly negatives, all i do is lay on a bed while on them

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My antidepressant helps me. I’m able to go out everyday to the Wellness Center and the Co-op to buy food and three times a week to go to groups.

I think they help

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Mine doesn’t do sh-it. I still get panic attacks and have “situational” depression, meaning I get sad when I walk out the door and have to be around people.

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Mine help a bit and give me a mild energy boost.

Wellbutrin, max dose.

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Venlafaxine made me emotionally flat, if that’s a negative? My nurse started to wonder if I maybe was an emotionally unsensitive person, but refused to see it was the AD. I wasn’t even sad when a loved one died, whereas normally I cry when I step on a snail.

Sertraline made me hypomanic. I stopped it immediately, when I did things that would not agree with my conscience. Nothing violent, but i was cheating (more or less, exclusivity hadn’t come up), which I have never done before or after.

Wellbutrin helps with my negatives.

So does coffee and having something to do that interests you.


I find mine helpful with the suicidal ideation and general motivation to get out of bed everyday. They aren’t a miracle drug though by any means.

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There is one good way to make some improvements negative symptoms wise. And that is to eat one once of fat fish every day, you must understand that for most of us fish oil tablets won’t do a decent job.

Yes I think they do, but need to take more than one for max effect

I don’t notice much effect either way. It does hurt me when I don’t get my AD’s, particularly when I don’t get my Buproprion.

Newly born that’s also what I’ve heard from most of my fellow sufferes that they lack the energies to do things the had pleasure in before and they simply have to sleep and sleep.