Poll: Are you overly concerned with morality (right and wrong)

There is no morality to what is happening to us, that is just a demoralization tactic. As Hitler said, "demoralize the enemy within by surprise terror sabotage assassination. This is the war of the future.

Interesting results.

I guess for me, some things matter a lot. Some things do not matter and are just in my perspective.

I like buddhism teaching and some cultural traditions. I also like some christian principles. I do not like to be a hypocrite or rude and i believe in love. Of course this is outside of cattiness :cat::cat: i like easy going people and practice to be one without hurting anybody. This makes me sometimes very fragile.

I voted yes what goes around comes around

Not really sure if I believe you can be overly concerned about your own morality. However there are to many people that are overly concerned with their neighbors morality. I think worrying about your fellow church person is good to keep one another accountable. But judging someone outside of your church is not cool. Because they don’t follow your God or your beliefs. However they are obligated to follow the government laws. Which hopefully are based on some form of morality. In the us the Constitution was written of Biblical morality. But things have greatly changed over time. So I didn’t vote. I’m like a lot of responses I think most people don’t seek morality enough.

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So I looked up the verses and tried to post them but apparently they offended someone. Because they were imediatly pulled. I guess they don’t think we should follow the law, but the Bible is definitely pro government. But also God’s laws come first. I found about 6 good verses very easily understood.

@5713, religion is a very triggering subject for many of our users, and proselytizing is specifically forbidden in the forum guidelines.

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read this as mortality so voted yes
it’s a no from me but i can’t change it

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