Poll: Are you overly concerned with morality (right and wrong)

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m very concerned with it, but not overly. Most people are severely under-concerned with it. :unamused:


My morality may not be another person’s morality and vice versa.


Yes this is what I believe

The word “overly” made me almost not answer, but I am very concerned about right and wrong. I get frustrated with people who are careless, irresponsible, thoughtless about what they say and do…


I’m concerned but not overly concerned.

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I don’t stay up at night contemplating it. To me it’s a question of whether or not the action causes harm or suffering.

No and try not to think about it

I pay close attention to my own morality, because I like to sleep well at night.
For others, sure I’m going to judge, but only to know if I care to be associated with them or not.


I’m more concerned with morality than I am the law. Like I was thinking about taking a piss outside in nature with no one around and got paranoid, then my voice said it is not like it is a mortal sin to piss in the bushes or something. Some people are more concerned with the laws than what is actual sin and what is righteous.

The antipsychotics take the edge off. High doses of antipsychotics for me.

“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” -Thomas Jefferson

If pissing in the bushes laws are unjust, u are obligated to piss in bushes, according to TJ.


I’d say yes, and I often feel guilty and like I’m a really bad person for no discernible reason. I don’t know if that could be a symptom of Schizophrenia or depression or what.

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Yeah overly according to who…

I want to be good and act some what good to.

I’m not fanatical about it but I want to be caring for environment,animals and people and society etc

I buy cheap polyester sometimes but my mum hates polyester as if it should be illegal to buy it.

I buy bamboo too cause it’s sustainable and said to be environmentally friendly.

I was ethical vegan but am not anymore.
I believe in bit of "bad "can be good possibly .

A flow can happen n things are as they are and make best of it yet try to do good and have good morals etc

I am bad drunk but I don’t drink alcohol anymore .

Yes I want to be moral and care about things and not do certain things that are immoral to me.

I have gone against my will sometimes but I want to try do n be good as such.

I try but Australian made and local but if the local is rude unprofessional di###### then I rather take my business elsewhere.
Like solar power mob who said they would call my bf Monday but didn’t .
That’s so rude of a business to do that and so disrespectful.
He is on warranty but I would not want to go back there after being treated that way.


I also am not keen when people muck about and daudle and waste your time if it’s a business and they keep changing there mind and giving you wrong prices and not calling g back etc

I do not do crime.:australia::sweden::ghost: N more

i have stolen bread and chocolate but was spiritually threatened to do so n was tied up spiritually too.

Maybe I would do crime if I felt I had too.

Good I don’t.

Have food n home etc.:heart:️Blessed be​:ghost:

It’s only illegal if someone see’s your junk outside…otherwise, it’s between you and the tree.

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Technically it is illegal regardless.

I have weed out in nature.

I have gone skinny dipping too.

True these things could be mild crime to some.

When I weed (pissed) people may of seen but it was many years ago.

Skinny dipping too.

I’m concerned about other people’s morality. My own?.. not so much. :wink: