Scrupulosity OCD

Does anyone else suffer from Scrupulosity? I have since 1994. I’m just now asking my Doctor to help me with it.

What is Scrupulosity ? A form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( OCD ) involving religious or moral obsessions. Scrupulous individuals are overly concerned that something they thought or did might be a sin or other violation of religious or moral doctrine.


I did a poll on this ages ago. I used to suffer from it. But it’s faded away since I did the poll.

Yes, I have it very much so.

It started in eighth grade when I started getting religious intrusive thoughts involving God and the Devil. Then I started to repeat prayers in the exact same order, eventually just adding things on it, making it like a 15 minute prayer. After this, I started obsessing over reading the Scriptures and to pray constantly.

This went on for a while without any treatment and it kept getting much, much worse to the point of me being incapable of doing simple tasks. Then in the tenth grade, I got treatment for my schizophrenia, which also happened to have a religious theme to it, and I got put on an antidepressant called celexa. This made it a lot better along with getting therapy for it also.

Now, I’m still struggling, but it has gotten better. I’m just doing worse now then I was previously. It’s still hard to sleep at night because of my OCD thoughts, and also it’s hard to pray because I constantly get intrusive thoughts while praying. I’m probably going to change medication, though. I also think that if I might touch something, I’ll get possessed or that I’m sinning. It’s a cycle, too, where I might do better during the summer, then do worse in the fall. You’re not alone, as my older brother also has it and is getting treatment for it.

I had that. And still do, in bad times especially.

Sometimes i really did something bad, but the shame is overwhelming. Sometimes it is stupid - the tiniest tiniest mistake can make me think i am evil, go to hell.

I do think it got somewhat better after EMDR and teaching myself to regulate my emotions and thoughts better, and express them.

Is this thread allowed? This is a religious matter.
@ninjastar @ZombieMombie

Yes, I used to have scrupulosity. A lot of people tend to have it.

As long as people are trying to overcome, then yes @laetitia

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Also you might be able to find help for this in Catholic forums. If you feel that you might need spiritual help, that place is good to ask for help.

A friend of mine recommends “fact check”- checking if your actions have crossed the line of morality. Also, when in doubt, as a friend. If you need religious help, ask for a religious help on scrulpruosity.

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this isn’t really a “religious” topic and more than a woman who has a different OCD disorder who gets OCD Thoughts of harming her children. Is that a abuse of children topic? its a Obsessive compulsive disorder with a specific label.

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