Poll: Are you over or underweight?

I am very overweight which i put down to medication and was wondering about others here.

  • Very overweight
  • Quite overweight
  • Little overweight
  • Normal weight
  • Little underweight
  • Quite underweight
  •  Very underweight

My gut tells me I’m a little overweight. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I get sick of myself too.


Haha, I have a bit of a gut too, but I’d say I’m quite a normal weight.
6’2 1/2 and about 185 lbs.
When I was psychotic I weighed 145 lbs. (I basically didn’t eat for almost a week, just drank water)

I should be 12-6 at most but am 18-5. I tell myself I should eat less but struggle to discipline myself to do so. I tried losing weight last year and gave up inn frustration as I only lost 6lbs in 12 weeks. A that rate I couldn’t face it taking over 3 years to get to my desired weight.

Do you use BMI? The standards vary across regions.
As Asian, with BMI at 29, is nearly obese.

I recently lost 18 pounds but I still have a ways to go at 255 pounds right now. I want below 200.

I’m probably in between of “QUITE” and a “LITTLE”. I’m a six foot male and I weigh 220 lbs. I’m dieting and my goal weight is 199 lbs. But I’ve seen BMI charts that are drastically different from each other. One chart my doctor gave me a few years ago said with my height and body type that I should weigh 165 lbs !!! That’s ridiculous! I would be emaciated. But the doctor who invented my diet goes in the other direction; he says my ideal weight should be 222 lbs which I’m basically at now But I don’t agree. I’m uncomfortably heavy right now and I look heavy in the mirror. I got down to 193 lbs last year and several people commented that I looked too thin. A couple people thought I had some kind of illness… So I figure 199 lbs will be good.

I gained a good amount of weight when I got on Abilify and we were trying out this and that to see what worked. Before that I was usually at a pretty healthy weight most of my life. I think a lot of it may be genetically inherited as I am nearly the same body weight and type as my dad who gained some weight later in life. I just gained mine a little earlier due to most likely the meds.

I’ve been told I “carry it well” though. My friend Jon who while a good friend and likeable guy did say once that I wasn’t fat but if I were a girl I would be Wow Jon and you wonder why you’ve been single since your early 20’s…

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i’m a stone and a half overweight which is 21 pounds. time to do something about it i think. i’ve lost 35 pounds over a year and a half but still got some way to go b4 i’m happy. need to lose my gut and tone up what’s left. i don’t ever want to be skinny again. chunky and toned would suit me just fine i think. maybe it’s time i spent a week on the diet again, see how much i can lose in 7 days. then a week off, week on, week off. you know, just like that so i don’t get bored with it. plus exercise needed too. although saying that, i’ll be cooking a roast tonight or tomorrow. will start the diet saturday and let u know if i lose anything next saturday.

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technically I am overweight but I have a 29 inch waist, I have unusual amount of muscle. Bodybuilders are all overweight, according to statistics. But overweight with muscle, not fat.

I think I am normal weight as I am 55 kilos with a height of 160 cm. I only eat two meals per day, almost no snacks. I used to be 50 kilos. The meds have given me 10 kilos.

I am underweight, have always been underweight. A person my height should weigh more. I am not sure how much I weigh now but last time I weighed myself I was somewhere around 60kg. Its in my genes - my mother is also tall and thin like me. I can eat anything, some say I am lucky and should have been a model. But I hate being 5’11"! At least the medication has helped me put on some weight!

Don’t rub it in! :angry: :wink:

I eat less if i have company but that isn’t very often . I say regular medication is responsible and to a degree that’s true but I had started putting on weight whilst taking meds irregularly. The journey to putting on weight really started soon after my wife died. Whereas I had a routine when she was alive ie breakfast at 8-9, lunch 12-1 and dinner 5-6 with a small snack in the evening, that went to pot and I started eating at all hours of the day.
When she was alive I fluctuated between 12-14 and was about 12-6 when she died.
I think I tend to reach for food often not because I am genuinely hungry but as something to do if I am bored with my own company. It’s as if it’s an involuntary compulsive action.

Another thing is since being on my own i have eaten a lot more takeaways whereas it was a very occasional thing when my wife was alive. I thought stopping them would result in substantial weight loss but I only lost 6lbs in 12 weeks before giving up.

I’m probably about fifty pounds overweight. I don’t see myself losing it. Who wants to live forever?

I’m quite overweight. I believe the meds is to blame. I was able to lose a little since I’m on Abilify but my weight problem remains a struggle.

Fun Fact: The human body can do without food for up to 90 days or more.

90 days, no way. I read some have survived 50 days, but no more than 50.

Ok 50 is probably more like it, but it is a long time.

I gained all my weight when I became pregnant. My daughter is going to be 22 and I am still over weight. Lost a lot with gastric bypass but gained it all back with depakote. Off depakote now and have lost 12 pounds so far.