How much do you guys weigh


I weigh 138 lbs I keep my weight down by working out 30minutes a day and I fast sometimes around 18 hrs some days . My bmi is around 22


I am 5’10" and am about 198 lbs. I was around 215 for a couple years but haven’t enjoyed eating much for a few months so i’ve lost weight.

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What antipsychotic do you take? You are very slim for a schizophrenics,!!!

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Wis I was tall I’m 5,5 lol

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I take 15mgs abilify I used to weigh 133 but the medicine did make me gain a little bit of weight

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im 250llbs…I find it hard to fast…


Congratulations, do what you do, you are on the right way, I weigh 105kg for 187 cm, its sth about 210 lbs,

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@Franklin Im also 5’5 and 138 lbs aka 63kgs

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190 5’ 10”
And 15151

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I am 30.9 or so on bmi. - obese.

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I weigh about 200 lbs.

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I’m 171 pounds but it fluctuates.


5’ 11" 180 pounds


160 lbs. looking to add 10 pounds. 5’9

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Thanks :slight_smile: 15151


I’m scare of getting diabetes because of the meds

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5’9" 245 lbs



I’m in my 170’s

but it goes up and down quite a bit

it usually depends if I’m into exercising for awhile.

5 foot 8.


I’m 240 lbs, down from 275 at the beginning of the year. I was 180 before medication. I’ 5’10” ish.


I am 5’7 250lbs. I need to lose weight if I want to be healthier. I weighed 160lbs before I started meds at 14. I will lose some weight in college from marching band, and from being too lazy to go to the dining hall to get food. Even these days, I really only eat breakfast because I have to take my meds and let my dog out to eat and use the bathroom in the morning. I’m not about those extra trips up and down the stairs which, incidentally, is actually really good for you.