Poll: Are you on a sub theraputic dose of your antipsychotic?

A theraputic dose of an antipsychotic is the dose at which it actually acts as an AP. Anything less is an expensive placebo with side effects. The theraputic dose is decided by the med’s manufacturer and is not up for debate.

  • Yes, I’m basically on a placebo
  • No, I’m on a theraputic dose
  • I don’t take an AP

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Theraputic dose now. Being in a busy workplace with people all day and a heavy workload seriously upped my stress and symptom level. I’m managing, but some days I wonder exactly how well.

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For a short while, I took it upon myself to remain on a sub therapeutic dose of Risperidone - 1mg.
I ended up going to the psych Hospital while I was on this low dose.

During my stay in the Hospital they kept me at the 1mg dose and I ended going back to the Hospital for a second time after I was released.

I am currently at a therapeutic dose of 3mg.


40% of the subjects maintained well with a dose lesser than the recommended therapeutic range

I dont buy it. I was off meds for 2 years. Being on a sub therapeutic dose is just like being off meds. You can coast on it till you crash.

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I am surprised so many on here are on sub therapeutic doses…when I was on APs the sub therapeutic doses (when I was just starting them) did NOTHING for my symptoms…of course the people who are on sub therapeutic doses always complain about still having symptoms…of course you do…

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I am on a therapeutic dose of Perphenazine, an older antipsychotic. I also take a subclincal dose of Seroquel because it helps me sleep.



Im on a sub therapeutic dose of invega. Started at 150mg injection, now at 50. Havent had any problems.

What dose are you on now?

I am on 20mg.

I’m like 4mg or Risperdal not sure how low I can go without actually taking a AP.

Dose of what? (I take 25 mgs. of Seroquel at bedtime.)

I was on 0.5 mg haldol for years. Had a bad setback when taken off of this dose to nothing.
Now on 1mg haldol and 25 mg Seroquel.
I am sensitive to small doses.


What dose of perphenazine do you take?

I am on 7,5 mg of Zyprexa. Me too I am sensitive on meds. The therapeutic dose for Zyprexa is 10 mg if I say true… Whatever, small doses help too sometimes…

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I call it a therapeutic range . I take Seroquel, and its therapeutic range is 150 mg-800 mg (I take 600 mg). Another issue which may be causing confusion is when a medication is prescribed ‘off label’ (prescribing a medication for a disorder that it has NOT been FDA-approved for (I think this is dangerous and is an end-around the FDA)).


I currently take 16 mgs. of Perphenazine 2 X a day. Why do you ask?

I’ve been unmedicated for a year but decided to go on a low dose of an ap to calm myself down more. I’m not as symptomatic as I used to be so I’m only on 1mg of risperdal for now. just started today. May go higher later on though if it works out

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