Poll= are you continuesly going to gym for exercises?

  • Yes i m always going to gym for exercises
  • Sometimes i registered for gym but i give up sometimes later
  • No i never go to gym for exercises

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The most exercise I get these days is when it is decent out and I walk/run with my dog.

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I do a lot of exercise but it’s not a gym.

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David found a treadmill that actually works for $15 and so we no longer have no reason not to work out

What is this poll about? You’re interested in joining a health club?

‘Most exercises don’t include a lunch break.’

-Some Aussie from the internet

İ just wonder if people continuesly going gym with this illness.its hard to continue for me and i wonder if its normal or not

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I hear you.

I go to the gym 6 days a week. I’ve been doing this for 5 years. I’m very cardiovascularly fit. But I have poor muscle mass cuz I hate lifting. I only do the eliptical.

It’s hard because:

  1. You’re on an AP (and it’s likely this won’t change)
  2. You’re probably out of shape and have little muscle to work with. (This can change)

You gotta start slow and incrementally raise resistance/endurance. Everyone wants immediate gratification when it comes to becoming fit/losing weight.

I have a bicycle and there are some people in town who I’d like to ride with but they are way out of my league. They have been training cycling Their entire lives and can be 50+ yo.

So even though I’m in decent shape, I have limitations too.

Know your limitations, and know that they would change if you pursued a healthy lifestyle.



That’s awesome, @anon99082702 :+1:

How did you get started?

I have a gym where I live but am discouraged because:

A) My fitness levels aren’t what they used to be

B) I don’t like working out in a busy gym

C) I’m feeling like I’ll never be in as good of shape as I was a few years ago, so why bother.

Any tips and tricks you’d care to share would be much appreciated.


So, I kind of hit my ‘rock bottom’ in terms of physical health.

I won’t go into specifics but my grandpa died and he was a model of athleticism. I was 300 pounds at his funeral.

That’s what did it for me.

Then it was off to the gym and eating healthier.

But my most valuable ‘tip’ is don’t bring junk food into your house. Donuts are only a temporary pick me up. Exercise usually lasts all day.


Sorry to hear about your grandpa :hibiscus:

Agreed. The temptation is too strong for me to have anything remotely unhealthy in the house.

It’s tough living with my mom, as she sometimes slips and brings something sweet back home.

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Thank you for your reply.i will consider your tips.thanks

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LS! I went to the gym when I was 37 for three years and when I was 47 for three years. Now I am 63 and I go two years to the gym. Two years ago I was one of the strongest in the gym after training a couple of weeks. My quadriceps are strong so are my abs and chest and back. My shoulders and arms lag behind. I go to the gym two or three times a week. The other days I exercise at home with my dumbbells or on my rowing machine.


I enjoyed a gym visit pre-covid. Had to stop during restrictions and don’t plan to resume for some time until I see how the variants and vaccines work out.

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I go, even though I’m scared, because my husband takes me which makes me feel better. I’ve been doing it since the gyms opened back up after closing for covid

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I’ve applied to all types of jobs.

One being a cleaner in a gym.

If I got that

I would get a free pass to the gym

Only then would I think a gym is worth it

I think the best would be free exercise classes omgosh if I got that I’d be pretty chuffed

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