Poll: Anxiety when Going to Mental Health Services Appointments

  • Extremely Anxious
  • Moderately Anxious
  • Not Anxious at all

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Used to hate going for psychiatric appointment but as my mental health improved it’s not as bad
I go once a year

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Ive got a appt with a new Psych Doctor on the 1st October. And im exrtremely nervous. But what will piss me off is if he goes on and on about my drinking habits. I know i got a problem. Stop going on about it. I have other issues to discuss. If the appt does not go well - I will just refuse to see him.

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I’m a bit nervous about going to a new pdoc this august. I wonder if they’ll think there’s nothing wrong with me based on how well I’m doing internally. Still no job tho. IDK I’m always tweaked a bit that I have to dredge up all the knowledge that my old pdoc takes for granted.

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I do get anxious. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all a set up.

I hate going to pdoc appts. I’ve been doing phone appt instead.

Thanks for the votes and the comments.

I get myself so worked up for these things, and I wanted to show my mother that other people get anxious in these situations too.

She goes with me to see the psychiatrist otherwise the appointments last 10 mins with just me, and she says from the waiting room to the end of the appointment I can be terrible.

I guess relating it to this other thread made me put this poll up.


Seeing that so many others voted moderately anxious and quite a few extremely, I am guessing the doctors know people must get like that and cannot help it.

It’s a shame - I think a lot of us would get so much more out of these things if we could keep calm.

I will leave the poll open till tomorrow to give more people a chance to vote if they want too.


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I voted moderately anxious, because sitting in the waiting room makes me nervous. I have no anxiety about the actual meeting with my psychiatrist or psych nurse, just get a little freaked out in the waiting room.

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