Still nervous

I’ve been going to see my clinical nurse for over a year now and i still get nervous when i go and see him. I see him this friday and we are probably going to talk about the invega he put me on. I have to tell him the truth, which is it’s helping but not completely. I’m worried about what he might do. Another thing is i’m going to see a new therapist next week, i know her from group but not well enough to talk to her about my problems.

I kind of know how you feel. I’ve been seeing my psychiatrist for almost 5 years, and I still get nervous every time I have to see him.

I always fear that going to see him will result in med changes. Which are always hard.

Is that what you’re afraid of?



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Yea it was that way for me for years then one day a voice said they work for you only! It was then my cochance that said you fear theyer power to kill you. And I know destikfuly it was all in a name they are all different and they are all after money but its to theyer advantige to help you in prove you!

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Hi cbbrown, I tried Invega and it didn’t do much for me either, it may have interacted with one of my other meds.
I wasn’t comfortable on it, Your Nurse may switch you to something that works better for you or adjust your dose, if this is what you wish. Remember psychiatry is a practice where the patient gets involved with his or her treatment as well.
If it is a complete one way street where the doctor or Nurse in your case tells you what you have to take without other options, then in my opinion its time to go and see someone else. But I have the feeling this is not the case for you.

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You can’t expect anti-psychotic drugs to work perfectly. There will always be something unpleasant about the one you’re taking.You should have some say in the dosage of whatever medication you are on: you know what it does to you, the nurse doesn’t. It’s normal to feel nervous about seeing a clinical nurse who is overseeing your mental health. It takes a while to establish trust in a therapist.

Thanks everyone, my clinical nurse listens but at the same time he expects a lot of improvement in a little time. I don’t expect miracles and a complete recovery in under a month.

I have known my doc for a long time and he has seen some good some bad and some down right “one for the books” from me.

To this DAY I’m still nervous about going and seeing him. He’s pen can mess with my meds, his coat is too clean, he looks TOO emotionless when he listens, and his office is too organized. Some times I want to see if there is a gear in his back and if he’s a wind up robot.

But he’s never been bad to me just no where near as relaxed as my therapist. My therapist has an in basket that has been over flowing for 5 years and she still says, “Please just call, I can’t get through all me e-mails in on day”

She comes off a slightly bit disorganized, and some times her hair is a bit frazzled, but for some reason that puts me at ease.

I was nervous until my doc remarked on how well I am doing and gave refills for all of my meds. Apparently I am one of those “whatever works” cases, I have been the most stable on my newest meds combo and so I have been put on them long-term.

But seeing my shrink can make me a little nervous. I sometimes just tell him “I’ve been lifting weights and watching anime” and that’s sometimes all I have to say, which makes me feel stupid. At one point I was desperately trying to date girls and actually did end up dating two of the four girls I got phone numbers from, and he was happier to hear that. I also dropped a lab class because I read and it said DO NOT TAKE so I obeyed.

What I really need is new friends, whether it’s guys, girls, girlfriends, weightlifting buddies, whatever, I only have three friends in town and they want me to find a girlfriend, it’s all they talk about. I remember I got out of a deep depression when I had a girlfriend in high school, and so I think they expect me to forget about my schizophrenia if I were to have one now.

I do have a couple chances, I introduced myself to a couple girls already. I just get SO FOCKING NERVOUS around girls that it pretty much spoils it, I have been psychologically conditioned by rejection to avoid them so it’s hard. I’m not afraid of heavy weights or even physical fights, but I am afraid of girls…I powerlift for exercise and I have two belts in Krav Maga, but when it comes to girls, I only had one girlfriend and she dumped me right when I started having symptoms when I was 18.

But all one can do is try, so I have to try. Last semester I had some success, but neither of those girls dated me more than three times. Maybe I am actually pretty boring on the outside, I guess all I do is just school, weightlifting and the most eccentric thing ever, watch japanese anime for hours, even days…

but I joined the anime club and we meet on friday, so I guess I will find some like-minded powerlifting scholar schizophrenics who love anime. LOL NO

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Flash point flash point sparks the hour like a brains meter shower the schizophrenia holds at bay the things we love to up and say but dare not to fear the panicman come and draw you near.