It's true, I've never been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Yes, I am a troll. Please forgive me

Mild anxiety is probably the closest I’ve ever been to experiencing mental illness. I don’t feel guilty - I don’t think I’ve ever felt guilty- but I recently crossed one of my own red lines: encouraging someone else’s delusions. For this I’m sorry. There is no longer any need for the show to go on. You’ve been a wonderful audience. :heart:


@NotSeksoEmpirico Trolls are mean though. You seem very nice.

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What do you mean?

you aren’t supposed to say goodbye on here I’ve learned from doing the same thing myself… @rogueone @ZombieMombie @ninjastar

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I don’t expect to be believed, so in a very real sense the show will go on… In absentia.

See your later bro, sad to see you go, i wish all success in anything you do. okay. :blush:

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I honestly couldn’t care less if you do or don’t have sz, i think as long as you stay on the proper category its ok, technically i am not diagnosed sz now either but i don’t care,

If you are friendly and want to try and help i think that should be encouraged

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