Police brutality

Have you been a victim of police brutality as a result of psychosis? I have. If so, I’m sorry. These scars run deep.

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Not as a result of MY psychosis, but yeah, been there, got the boot (literally) and yeah, 15 years ago this month and can still repeat word for word the conversation for entire incident.
Somethings can’t be forgotten.

Yep, I know exactly what you mean. These are memories we WANT to forget, but can’t. Sorry.

Nothing major. I just got treated a little roughly sometimes.

I admit I was psychotic, yet peaceful. My dialogue was enough for them to threaten my life. I feel sorry for their families.

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In my case I did everything he asked, and politely as the tape he recorded would have proved, but that tape was denied as exiting by him for 8 months, then “lost” once he finally admitted it DID exist.
He never booked the tape into evidence-naturally, so it took 3.5 years in court to get dismissed.

His entire reprort was nothing but lies, it kept contradicting itself.
but, he did get tossed off the coveted motorcycle position down to beat patrol after his supervisors reviewed that tape, then it conveniently dissapeared.

He was the one with the problem, too much adrenilin leftover from a felony car stop he was invoved in not even 15 minutes prior to me stop.

This seems to be a pattern.

Same. I’ve had footage disappear as well. Magic, no? Yet it was testified, if ‘he didn’t say this’ we ‘wouldn’t have said that’… pathetic.

The scariest part of the thing is this officer has been reassigned 4 more times since my incident due to injury of those in his custody, (they can’t fire him of course) and now is in a position where he isn’t accountable for his time (a detective) and he has the nerve to still slam the department on his face book page.

One time I was walking across this highway, and there were two policemen standing on the median. I thought I’d walk right past them because I had done nothing wrong. As I passed them one of them said, "Hey, George."
I turned and yelled, “Tom! My name is Tom!” They sprayed me with pepper spray, hand cuffed me, slammed me face down on the ground, put their knees on the back of my head and ground my face into the dirt after I had been pepper sprayed. It was very painful.
Another time I was in this trailer, and the cops showed up. This guy was talking to them at the door, and I was thinking he was being too belligerent and would get us in trouble. I walked up to the door to try to calm this guy down. One of the cops said to me, “You want to step outside?” I did what he told me to do, and they arrested me for public intoxication. I had to spend the night in jail and pay a $45.00 fine.
There have been other times when the police abused their power against me. They say the cops are brutal with blacks, but they aren’t gentle with white people.

I’ve always had good encounters with police. They treated me with respect. Of course I did what they asked and didn’t get an attitude with them.

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Can I archive your stories? Anonymously of course. PM me or like this post. Thanks.

I was getting used to driving my new car about a month and a half ago and I was driving on the freeway. I saw the sign for my exit and I was preparing to get off on the off ramp and then I noticed there were orange cones on the ramp and I saw a sign that said “ramp closed ahead”,

I was already in the lane to exit and I tried to get back in traffic but I was cutting it close. There was a cop right there and he motioned me to pull over. I thought, “Aww crap. busted”. So I pulled over to the right and waited for him to come up to me.

I do what always works for me when I get pulled over. It has gotten me out of tickets at least 8 times and I’m not exaggerating. My trick: stay calm, don’t get mad or nervous. I tell myself he’s just doing his job, and he caught me red-handed I’m not going to lie or make excuses. I keep a friendly, polite attitude when he gets to my car and he’s talking to me. I admit my guilt.

It’s obvious that cops aren’t perfect and there’s a lot of bad ones but to play devils advocate, cops have to put up with a lot of hostility on their job and they have people lying to them constantly, and they risk their lives and when they pull someone over they never know who they’re dealing with and they know full well that cops have been shot and killed on simple routine traffic stops.

All this combined causes much stress and when they finally get a polite respectful perpetrator they are more likely to be lenient and sympathetic towards that person. And that’s what this cop did to me. He talked to me and asked why I cut over so fast and why did I almost hit the cones? I said I didn’t see them until the last minute"". He said, "That was very dangerous what you did.

He told me, “This is a $1000 fine and automatic suspension of your drivers license”. I took it calmly. BUT… he let me go. He saw I was an older man with no police record and I wasn’t a troublemaker and he let me go without a ticket with just a stern warning to be more careful in the future. I thanked him and I calmly got in my car and pulled into traffic and carefully drove away. I’ve been pushed around by cops and physically threatened with serious violence before but cops can have a good side to them too.

The local cops do run off nuisances. This suburb has long history of sex abuse and cops that would scare out people who complained, sometimes screwing other people into having to hold onto houses due to no construction permits on home projects so they had access to family of little kids & busted broke parents. These are the only ones who really hang on in this neighborhood as busted a generation ago into hanging onto house that is usually paid off by now, only price worth it to live here is free. The local psych intervention officer tries to tell you that you are having a crisis when the neighbors saw multiple people coming and going (and damage inside locked up house), and lock up people in mental hospital on forced care warrant at your own expense which can go for months for some and wind you up fired, no housing and can now throw you out of neighborhood. Had 8 families who had trespassers in locked up housing stealing or using bathroom while they are away and cops ran all off owners. This keeps happening and unsure why new ones are being pursued and some thrown out, told they cannot sell it sometimes. No media would cover this stuff…

Has gotten so bad now, lady had a stranger rape in her home. Next day door is hanging open when she got home and dog running the neighborhood…Nothing runs in media at all…Media got sued for big bucks once and no one runs anything except the fluff press releases for the wealthy people and the government statements.

This is suburban neighborhood that tolerates nothing but city hall allows some to be targeted for anything short of killed.

AFter cops have been trying to throw people out, some are going to city hall to explain there is a trespassing problem and who really lives in the house so the cops won’t try to ruin them. Trying to get cop to threaten them inside city hall with chief listening…Only defense they could think of mann!

Attorney general for state covered up this illegal cop scams and worse, even cold case murders as is all related. Governor helped with this…

Can be helpful to move to next suburb if you run into bad cops. Will give fresh start.

You know, after finding out one city I lived in does a regular business in going into people’s place to intercept someone psychotic who is coming home in order to scare someone out of neighborhood, totally to not mind drilling a slide bolt into the door frame or putting chair on door. Have a temporary lock for hotel rooms off amazon you just slide into door cracks after shut too…After knowing what goes on and where, better to know someone when you move so you know what people will try to pull.

Thinking about this reminded me of wealthy churchy I ran across who was bragging about owning the cops and black people. Man was really hard on his family & ex-wife. (I stay clear of this man’s territory, seen too much bad stuff man…)

But after this one came to town, there was noticeable shift in policing…Got lots of questionable police calls for crimes against person, assaults, home invasions and all is now called something else. Lots of threats can now be pulled against woman and something does happen, cops call it something else to close the file. Nothing is done about nothing according to cops but old folks and single moms hit worse with no one who gives a crap. No one even reports anything any longer unless there is dead body.

Also remember the old story HOOD STORY about getting into the car with strangers & a kinda questionable acquaintance you kind of know, these are taken to do a crime or just watch. Man the guy who did not know was called the fall guy & charged by police. “I didn’t do it” comes out of the guy for a long while. Other prisoners just tell him to shut up, it was God’s will man.

Cops had one group of sex abusers bragging about a cold case murder, giving lots of details for 30 years now to scare new women into submission or silence…This was told to cops for 30 years now, nothing done to even investigate and worse, cops helped ruin the new victims of the group to discredit them so the sex abusers could use someone crazy. This lady’s cold case murder runs on TV news from time to time…Most noticeable fact, lady killed is twin for someone this group wanted to mess up but crime was cleaned up so well, evidence did not remain…

Sex abuse group would take any ladies who got in car with them to do something illegal (like help assault someone or clean it up) & help…They had a slave forever if they had something illegal on you.

Attorney general of this state, who oversees police, covered up all the wrong doing with approval from governor. Man, only thing you need to know is all these ‘rights’ are a sham when we have crooked politicians and govt. Best you can do is you have a clue who does stuff, stay clear of their territory and quietly move if things look too bad. This even includes staying away from the churches with the most troubled hate mongers of weirdos, as things are just wrong and there is no end to whatever someone wealthy could do if they wanted and sadly little that would stop the religious hate mongers from messing up people either. Business is to dirty here, is just good notice if you see screwed up churches the business is even dirtier.

All our rights just erode into a shivering huddle of people, mental care on one side and trained haters on the other. Who do they want to play against who next to entertain sick wealthies, politicians just standing by to rake in the money from supporting this sham. Try to stay clear of it but is really hard as the churches crank out more haters who are ‘recovered’ from voices but who did not get on disability pay. They hate the people on disability check, is considered ethics issue by some of the churchies to be ‘stealing’…But churchs’ people here do not realize some of the sex abuser’s victims are not allowed to be free of the voices, we are the ones getting a disability check because something different was done to us with PTSD. We deal with the mental problems for a lot longer…

I admit, I am kind of scared by the stuff I see some of the minorities saying about being told by their church to mess up their own family, screw people who don’t use the church & went to disability pay, mess up coworkers/customers…Others have registered same concern about things in different cities. Anyone African American want to chime in?..I get concerned when I see this stuff and too many people who would be willing to do something to someone and go to jail for it. Some blacks were disappointed with Pres Obama over this I think.

Some of the middle class, middle aged white males were going worse. They snapped and they would snap anyone else in two if demanded, family/relationships are damned as all is ‘conditional’ ! This is made out to be the POT OF GOLD AT END OF RAINBOW! Screw people when told and you will be shown riches, but devil will want favors down the road.