Poem: Seagull


You have arrived back
from the south where you went
the last early fall
before the winter
you flew to the warmth
to spend some time in the Sun
only to return as every spring you do
flying over the water
standing on the ice of the lake
waiting for the moment to fly
to fly again further to the north
where you start nesting
making those eggs, green and grey
from which baby seagulls come from
in the middle of the summer
you feed those growing babies
only to follow you when it is the time again
to migrate to the south
in the fall you are ready to fly again
wishing goodbyes to familiar lakes, islands, rocks
to fly to the southern areas you guide new seagulls
only to return in the next spring
arriving at the same lake
standing on the same ice of the lake
as always when you have arrived
starting the cycle again
now and in the future.


i wouldve loved to read this poem when first studying biology, esp love your image of a seagull on ice