"Bird/ (a poem I wrote)

If I could be a bird
I would fly
Where nobody could
Reach me
I would perch on
The highest branch and
Sing a happy song
Picking up the pieces
Of my shattered dreams
The pieces are the
Foundation of my nest
Which is very strong
And beautiful
It is very precious
To me
Memories are woven
Secrets are buried
Protected from prying eyes
Protected from thieves
I don’t expect people
To understand
Why I do
What I do
I just want
To be part
Of their world
I am on a journey
That will never end
I will never give up
This is a new beginning



Nice poem.

Bold the way you create!

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Thank you I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I have other ones that I also wrote. I am probably going to share the others with everybody here. I did share one other one under Creativity. It is called “Glass”.

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That will be great.

Where is the Glass poem?

Oh. I see the Glass poem.

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