Seagulls arrived

It is early March and I saw some seagulls today
they had spent their winter where it is warm
but now seagulls are here in my little town
as always in March indicating that the spring is coming
seagulls gathering in one place as always
only to find good nesting areas later
I am glad they arrived now even a little early
knowing that temperatures will be rising
and the summer is coming.


I like this simple poem - one of your notes of time passing. The only part that I would leave out is [quote=“mjseu, post:1, topic:44566”]
in my little town
[/quote] That always throws me a little, though it might be one of your favorite parts.

@mjseu I like your poem. Where do the seagulls from Finland migrate to during the cold winter months? Maybe they go on vacation to Portugal to visit @Minnii

Here in California, it seems like the Canada geese are starting to pair up in preparation for the Spring nesting season. At dusk the Canada geese fly overhead in formation, honking really loudly. Sometimes they fly so low that you can hear the swooshing sound of the air through their wings. I was walking my little dog the other day and the geese flew over—she looked up like WTF? The geese are much bigger than my little dog.

In the Fall months, we get a lot of wild turkeys. They walk around the neighborhood in groups sort of like a gang of turkey hoodlums and don’t seem afraid of anything. One time I came out of my house with my little dog and there were two large wild turkeys sitting on my car. My little dog turned right around and went back inside the house. Smart little dog!


Seagulls are here all year round! :slight_smile:

Oh yes. They are a plague over here. Sometimes, we have pranks/dares where one kid puts a piece of break on his head. In a short amount of time, he gets swarmed by seagulls. It is quite the sight to see. I think it is some form of right to passage. We must prepare our youth for the future great seagull war in our area.

@Moonbeam Those geese are evil. They are so very sassy. I was driving, and they would not move. I refuse to drive in to them and possibly harm them, and they know it. They just stood there hissing at me and making me late. The geese gangs are worse than the real gangs in the area, I say!

Then there people who are like migrating birds, they stay their summer in the north, but when the winter comes they move to warmer areas such as Costa del Sol and other places. I have always wondered how good some birds such as ospreys are in their navigation finding always the same nesting tree year after year although these ospreys migrate to Northern Africa for their winters as I know.