A Poem: Fly

Ambitious but lacking
In ability,
Like a bird
That can’t fly.


Penguins are awesome…emus win wars…ostrich makes excellent mounts to ride races.

Flightless birds may of had to learn to adapt, but that doesn’t make them worth less than their flying cousins.

Still liked by people the world over.

Thank you dude.

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There was one crow that could not fly and then the winter came and a falcon ate this crow. The rule of the nature.

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This crow story is real. There was one crow that could not fly. In the summer it was able to find food, but when the winter came it could not find any food and I tried to give it some bread, but after a while it did not arrive any longer to the feeding place and I wondered what happened to it. Later in the winter one man told that a falcon ate it at the bus stop. The nature can be so cruel sometimes.


Q: What do you call a fly with no wings?
A: A walk.


that’s sad for the crow. nature is harsh yea…

You can never have sex until you fly birds do it why can’t I build a a nest and call it home seasons change and there’s no one home this poem byDrZen


Love your poem too @DrZen!

Maybe not
But as Maya Angelou would have pointed out
It can sing

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How so? Please tell us the story!

"Ambitious but lacking in ability"

Become a Politician.


I thought “abilify” was especially designed to deal with “inability”?

(Sad smile)

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