The Ocean and The Birds

I am set out to the violent sea on a small boat,
Where waves seek to destroy my body and soul;
Where the storm rages over me in his fury
And the sun dares not to show her kind face.

My body aches and shouts out, searching,
Searching for peace and liberation from pain;
My soul looks for light, but she cannot find it,
And I, thrown to the sea, remain hopeless.

In tears, I pick up a pen and hold it still, write:
And let my words take flight as I write on
The side of the boat.
The words fly like birds, and soon they fill the air.

The birds fly by the clouds, and pushes them;
The clouds are cleared, and the ocean stops
Its rage, the sun finally showing her radiant face.

Soon, I find myself away from calamity, in peace;
My body does not shout in agony, nor my soul.
Now, I have found my hope,
And this hope,
I will cherish.


“This, too, shall pass.”

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Yes- that is what I was going for when I wrote it.
When I was writing this, I was in a great pain. My knee, which was hyperextending due to weakness, has been extremely painful. Adding to this, I was hallucinating severely.
I realized that, this will also pass, and I need to write in order to let my thoughts aspire me to stay strong.
I’m really glad I wrote it- without writing this, I would have stayed in sorrow.

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