Poem I made

I sit and wait for a monsoon

Everybody leaves, why so soon?

I hear it, all of the impending doom

I’m sad thats all I got to own and my frown too

Emotions are always blue

All the faces I see frowns and smiles they always lie too

I fight and try

Why fight?.

Pointless cries.


Sorry you are going through such a tough time. Writing poems can bring out pain, joy, and sadness and is one way of coping with this disease. It’s good that you are able too. You could be doing much worse.


Yeah it helps a lot. Thank you, that is true.

That’s a good poem @anon97970229

How you feeling ? Still thinking that you’re being controlled ?

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I’m feeling better, I won back some motivation and cleaned my room. I get those brief delusions but I dismiss them as they come. Thank you.

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