A new poem


Can’t hide
The pain
or the pain pills
I’m drowning in so many waters

The man on the corner
gives me the best price
I’m so poor
I’m selling everything

I’m in a little boat
in the eye of a storm
giant waves all around me
I just gobble them down

I’m sinking into myself
where I know I’ll be found
judgement rains
I stay warm, safe and dry

I’m rising above the story
propaganda has no mind
they would never listen
I had to make me sane


Very deep! Not sure I understand it, but maybe I’m not supposed to.
It seems relatable.

I like it :slight_smile:


Another great poem! :slightly_smiling_face:


@leaf, you’ve been sounding down lately. What’s up? Usually you’re a pillar of support for others. I hope you’re feeling okay.


You’re so sweet to notice. I have sza, along with it comes mood swings. I get lows, I get really low. But I’m ok right now. Thank you honey.


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