Pls. help going through a lot


I wish it was sz. but it is not am being posessed and having people trying to hurt me seeing images that I hope others won’t see but it is someone else I hope God will save me


I think this is a delusion buddy at least I hope so


Have you considered increasing the dose of your medication?

What does your doctor say when you tell them about these things?


I wish @johnraven but it is someone doing this to me just looking for some peace of mind. Am so controlled by other people. They won’t leave me alone.


You don’t sound well. This is not real. I promise. No one is trying to hurt you. Please call your doctor. Your meds need adjusted.


If I could @John_Raven I would sue and try to get these people arrested, they’re are pretty terrible people.


I wish it was just a delusion, I hope I have people understand that these images and voices are not mine, it is someone playing a mean hoax. But I have someone in my body and they won’t leave me alone. Very disorientated, afraid. How can I be well without my mind?


I am hopefully recieving lions mane in the mail soon. I hope it will work.


Which brand did you buy @see121?


My sister found a brand online, and is ordering it. I will post here when it arrives.


Before the lion’s mane, you really need your medication fixed up. Can you see your doc?


Yes Mid March, I will ask him. Even if people are doing this to me I pray I will be ok.


Can you see him earlier? You should’nt have to suffer a few more weeks.


Thanks @Pamito I will try to see him earlier. Are you suffering too sometimes with your illness?


I made a mistake and brought my issues of a woman in my city that curses everyone she comes in contact with to this forum a few days ago, and chances are it’s really was not her on here after I thought about it. I feel bad I was mean. The woman in my city holds me back from going to places, it is so scary. I’m afraid if I see her, I would seriously hurt her. I’m not a violent person, but I can guarantee you something is going to be done. I can’t take the evil anymore.


@see121 Yes I definitely struggle a lot. I don’t have many positive symptoms but my cognition can get really bad often.


My voice tells me that he is more than just a voice he is in my being ( like being possessed) and it also said it is in full control of me. It proved this by also inserting thoughts into my mind so I think our problems are pretty similar. I also pray that mine is just sz also, it would be so much better if it was all in my head


I have an hebephrenic voice that takes over sometimes. I feel powerless


@Om_Sadasiva What is a hebephrenic voice?


A voice with disorganized schizophrenia, childish, makes me do silly grimaces and gestures and talk gibberish with many neologisms.