Going through a lot

I have people in my body and every body in my town is calling me a bigot and worse but I have someone doing this to me. They might see pictures in my mind that are not mine. Some are making lewd comments. I need to get these people out of my body.


I’m sorry that you are still struggling with this.
No one is in your body though.
All this stems from your own mind.

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How do you know there people? They told you that?

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Yes. They all sound really angry.

I don’t know why they want to kill me.

Maybe ask them to be kind to you. If you can’t make them go away then you can try to reason with them


Thanks @LevelJ1. I am a little stunned and with a friend. And I have someone in my body but I will try to talk to them .

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I used to have some sort of delusion that an entity was taking over my eyes and using them or taking over my feet or hands. And a voice used to claim to come from a frequency in my head.

Hope it will pass for you one day or lessen

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These people are really bad. They can’t leave me alone and are saying that I am going to die. I don’t want people to be able to read/ see my mind I need to be left alone especially by the people in my body or I am not going to last.

All of this in 2 days.

I pray that God will help me.

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Hi @LevelJ1 ! So you felt like someone was in your body can I private message you?

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Sorry I don’t like to do private messages. But I hope you feel better soon! :blush:

That’s alright but thanks anyways.

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You can private message me @see121

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