Pls. help going through a lot


Hi, I know how scary this can be. I also suffer from this. I know it is incredibly hard to believe, but it is a delusion that you have. Have you talked to your doctor about it to increase your medication? Sometimes meds increase can help a ton with your symptoms.
I’m thinking of you <3


Oh sounds frustrating. I’ll have to look up neologisms to find out what they mean


It’s a Greek word. Neologism is a word that doesn’t exist, a new word


Oh thanks for clearing that up.


How are you feeling?


I am ok right now thanks. But last night it was sort of tough.


Really worried right now, don’t know what to do. People telling me they are going to do something to me.


I’m so sorry, is there anyone you can call and speak with?


I want to call the authorities but don’t know what to tell them.


Can you tell us more about the real people that are bothering you?


You need to call your pdoc, @see121.


If he calls the police they’ll probably take him to the hospital


They just judge me saying I am racist and immoral and think they can see my intrusive thoughts, They tell me they are going to kill me today. I hope I will be ok.


@see121 Who are they? Your co-workers or who?


I think your so deep in psychosis that you can’t tell what’s real. Talk to your dr or go to the hospital. Your not well


Are they voices or hallucinations? You should probably call a crisis line. Or go to an ER or call your pdoc. That’s my advice to you @see121.


I’m sorry but your description does not match up to anything real. Like who are they, where do you see them, how many are they. How often do they run into you? Can you answer these questions ? The police would want to know too


They just speak in the background or in the same room


Sounds like audio hallucinations to me. Call your pdoc.


These are hallucinations. What antipsychotics have you tried?