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Please, suggestions on how to reduce sleeping which results from medications


So do I. So what? Sleeping is cool. And pure luxury.


If you are not able to study or work it is the best, but if you are high functiong or normal it is a waste of time. :slight_smile:


I wish I had big , big solutions for you.
I have this problem too, both on and off medication.
Exercise helps to a certain degree.



Abilify dehydrates you, so if you hydrate (water) throughout the day you’ll sleep less. Also, make sure the temperature in your bedroom is comfortable.


I take all the sleep I can get. Now working I get up at 615 when my alarm goes off. I would sleep more but I can’t. Try setting an alarm. See if you can handle less sleep. I seem to be managing it okay.


Thanks so much. yes I tried exercise before and it actually worked for me. I must practice again


thanks so much for your helpful reply but unfortunately I asked my doctor before about Abilify and he did not recommend me


yes great. keep on. I hope the same. sometime when I forget to to take my medication, I keep awake till morning or maybe tomorrow afternoon



Sorry, I thought olanzepine was Abilify.

It’s not?


no it is different
Olanzapine also called Olapex
you can search google



Sorry, I was thinking of ariprazole (sp?)


what is the question please?



Since all APs sedate, I would think that they all dehydrate.


Did you ask about geodon and latuda?


I heard about Geodon that is very good but i did not ask my doctor
I have no idea about latuda


I’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day again. I love it!


but it is not good for health, bro


oh well just add it to my list of bad habits.


It is very good if your body needs it. :slight_smile:
I started to need it too since I was getting ill.


Drink caffeinated coffee without cream and sugar. That’s how everybody I know on these meds stays awake during the daytime. And it works!!! Drink it all day long.