Please, suggestions on how to reduce sleeping which results from medications

I sleep 12 hours everyday because of medications.
please how can I reduce sleeping? I want to sleep 6 hours or at maximum 8 hours a day because of my study
and thanks in advance

6 is not healthy for young adults, aim for 9-10


Thanks for reply. I am 28 years old. I am late in my study and can not sleep more than 8 hours a day. I am studying vet medicine. anyway what can I do to reduce sleeping? is there any medication help me reduce sleeping? or any tips that someone experienced?

What medications are you using?

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Olapex ( Olanzapine )

I’m on Olanzapine too :no_mouth:
According to , and taking aps in count 9-10 seems healthy for adults.
Exercising helped me with oversleeping, you can try planning sleep cycles to wake up as fresh as you can.
taxing sleep and living on coffee is the worst option from my experience.

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thanks so much. I do appreciate. but what kind of exercise you do?

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I had the best effect from running 40-60 minutes, it helped me lose weight too
lifting heavy weights (relatively to your body) and a bit of cardio worked fine as well but only when I have worked out for more than 30 consecutive minutes.

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Did you try less sedating drugs (like Abilify, Latuda, Geodon…)?

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I tried so many. I tried Abilify but not for long time. It was only for days but the best for me is Olapex. I have never tried Latuda or Geodon. I experienced Solian , Aripeprex and Serdolect for example.

I also have problem waking up in the morning on olanzapine

What was their effect on your sleep?

I see but to be honest all psych medications cause oversleeping not only Olanzapine

I didnt leep at all on abilify i couldnt close my eyes they were taped open


they were the same

really? how many hours did you sleep a day on Abilify?
and was it better than Olanzapine for focusing on studying?

And without an AP how long do you sleep?

The abilify was very stimulating I took it in the morning and actually help me concentrate. I had to take sleeping pills or I would stay away the entire night.

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I stopped medications for about 1.5 years. I used to sleep 6 hours or at maximum rarely 9 hours if I delayed and woke up easily even without my phone clock

I drink caffeinated beverages…

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