Please someone tell me what this is, desperate girl

i feel like people are touching my arms and want to kill me, i feel strongly that people are plotting to, and want to kill me, they want to specifically chop off my right arm, especially when i am going to sleep.
i have been diagnosed with autism, bipolar disorder and agoraphobia.
i am so tired of the constant mental torture, it is relentless day in and day out.
intrusive thoughts that i have to scream in my head SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE over and over.
an internal voice telling me how bad i am, stupid i am, that everything is pointless
how can i live like this??
its been years and years its intolerable, i cant leave the house to go to the doctor i am too scared, but its torture all the time, what can i do?

Hey, @piedpiper , these are tactile hallucinations. I get them too and hate them as well. I also experience voices. These could be from bipolar with psychosis. I’m not sure on that though.

Do you take any meds? The ones I take help me with things and dull the hallucinations. Maybe talk to your pdoc.

Just remember you aren’t alone here :slight_smile: . Good luck.

thank you, i only get anti depressants, citalopram, what can i do about tactile hallucinations please?
what medication will help it?

if i know i a voice is in my head, is it still a voice or just a thought? i dont know how to tell, is it just me thinking even though i cant stop it and it drives me crazy?

You need to go to the doctor.

The meds you need prescribed are antipsychotics.

Your doctor will be sure to help you.


I would seek some medical help.

Several different anti phycs will work. I take abilify, and it works for me so far. Do you mean if you are self-aware of the voice? I am self aware of most of mine. I know what you mean. I contemplate about them a ton too and question if it is me or not. In the end, if they are telling you horrid or cruel things, they generally are not you’re voice or under your control.

the voice is like a thought, i know it is inside my head, it says ‘everyone wants to kill you’ , everyone hates you, i know it isnt an audible voice and is coming from inside my head but i cant control it at all, so is this a voice or just a thought???

I am not really sure. I get these too in my head but they are from a girl who is whispering to me. She comes up close and tells me things. I hear it in my head but only from one ear. It is strange.

Is it your voice there? I can’t be for sure on this.

i think it is my voice but i sort of feel it is also my mother and step mother, because it often says things that they used to say to me.

I also get inner voices, like thoughts. My psychiatrist assured me they count as voices as well.

Go to the doctor, we can’t help you much in here besides the comfort of not dealing with it alone, but you need professional help.


You’re doing the right thing by venting on this site. Let people know what you’re experiencing, especially those who handle your case. If you don’t have a pdoc or a caseworker, get one. It helps to have someone to lean on. That’s their job.

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You can get help, and your life can improve. But you need to see a doctor in order to make that happen.

Best of luck to you. Stay strong!

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Medication. The only thing I found that could make the tactile hallucinations go away. They’re triggered by stress for me, and the meds take away my stress. See a doctor. I was afraid too, but you can’t let those thoughts or voices in your head keep you afraid because they just want you to be miserable and have an awful life. Those are bullying thoughts.

ok i phoned a helpline and they called an ambulance and they reported me to social services because i have a child.
then i went to hospital and they talked to me and made an appt sometime soon with a psych and sent me home alone.


Sounds like a good outcome, well done.

I’m truly sorry to hear you are having this experience.

Look for every small littler thing you can to make your life better/smoother/easier

It’s been 3 years for me and these ■■■■■■■ craptards don’t stop.

I live pretty well though. I make a game out of arguing with their bs and expanding my focus to be able to keep up with the real world stuff.

It works out in your favour that you were the one who called the helpline and initiated your own treatment. Demonstrates that you are taking the necessary steps to manage your illness when you are in a crisis situation. Child Services is a place you can lean on when you need help caring for your child during those times when you have trouble caring for yourself. Please don’t see that as being overly negative. Glad to hear you reached out when you needed to.

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