Hallucinating about sexual touching again

OK I think it is tactile hallucinations haven’t had one like this in at least a year. I recently started work and their back some tv thing is back to but not involved in hallucinations. I’m very worried about going off. I’m really trying to stay together and be a good citizen. Will they let me move to Canada? I’m telling you its back I haven’t changed meds but I did forget to take last night. He’s back the controlling voice is here big time. It puts me in check I don’t know what to do I just saw my DOC and told her everything is OK but now I don’t know. Its a set up. I was going to reveal so personal bad secrets and I think that made him come back and he is trying to stop me.

Try thinking about your voice as something you produce. See it as part of you. If you don’t like talking about your secrets you don’t have to. Just accept them as yours. You don’t have to share everything with your doctor. He probably needs to know your symptoms. You have to live with your thinking. Accept it and it won’t seem harmful.

I think you’re anthropomorphizing your voices. That’s bad. You should realize that your voices are actually you and not other people. At one point, early on, I thought I had a chip implanted in my head and was hearing government agents reporting on my behavior. I’ve come a very long way with insight and my meds work very well for me. I dont hear voices anymore but I had learned to accept them as me after I took some psych courses and was diagnosed, before I got on meds.

It’s pretty dangerous to think that the voices are other people controlling you. It can guide your behavior and that is what makes schizophrenics look bad and is responsible for stigma, in my opinion. Try to be a person who has schizophrenia, not a schizophrenic who just caves in to insanity. Realize that you can be aware of your condition and not let it write your story.

Just wanted to try to make you realize that you arent the only person who has been where you are, but you need to quit thinking of your hallucinations as anything more than a symptom of a disease. Where you are is not a good place to be, under distress and letting your symptoms make you legally insane.

Insanity is a legal term defined by an inability to distinguish reality from false perceptions. You sound legally insane right now. If you just realize that the voices are nothing more than the results of a brain malfunction, you can get healthier very quickly!

I wish you the best of luck in a hard time.

“Where do you find the time?” I ask them. “There are quite a few of us by now. How do you do it?”

“Juggling. Even people do that, think of what we could do.” They say. “We create sectors, have schedules, manipulate certain things to get it done, simple really, it’s just juggling thats all.”

i had sexual tactiles for a few years and it culminated in an attack on my heart which terrified me and i haven’t had one since. that was about 10 years ago. don’t listen to voices hunni. they can never mean u anything but harm. they r a part of ur mind that has splintered that is all they r and have no proper existence by themselves. go back to ur shrink and tell them the truth. they may b able to up ur dose or change ur meds completely. good luck xxx

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Thank you very much for the replies. I know the voices aren’t real but it is so hard to remember that. They seem so real the tactile seem so real. They talk to me like a normal person would. So the truth is that the Voice that was laughing at me was not real and it was me laughing at myself. You know what is strange I think I could see him I could see him standing near the door.

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