Please help. what is happening in my mind as far as diagnosis?


Lately my mind goes farther than I would like it to into hearing evil things and making my mind think about something evil when I don’t want to think about anything but good thoughts. for a long time this evil would present itself in memories I have of when I thought the devil’s protege’ would do awful things violence against humanity. now when my mind dodges these thoughts a thought will occur like I’m hearing someone talk inside my mind. this has never happened to me before and I wonder if I am slipping ?


I don’t know how long it’s been since you started to change how you think or try to control the negative thoughts. How we think can sometimes be habit so correcting that habit will not always be easy. It takes times to relearn thinking patterns and even then there will be times when the negatives still push through. My guess would be that you are not slipping but possibly more mindful of where your thoughts are going.


Surely hope not and I hope you feel better soon. Try to pay attention to your senses not your thoughts that was advice that helped me once. Anyhow stay in touch so we know you are ok.


I am going to contact my pdoc if the voice of evil does not go away. I am very stable otherwise, I just get these horrible suggestions that isn’t my own mind at all so I call it a voice. I don’t really hear a voice. I just imagine it.


Awwww, sorry your’re having to go through this Jukebox, that sounds very bothersome. Hope your pdoc canjfund something to relieve your troubles.


hugs wish I could help.


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I had experienced this three years ago, and I call this half voice-half delusion. I wish it was not triggered by the weed you are smoking. Hope an adjustment of medication will help you.


Dont worry about im going thru the same thing these times are rough. Sometimes you just got to plug your ears and focus solely on your breath live in the present endure the turbulence because it only lasts a minute.


my mind changes all the time it is like the sea in ’ flux '.
one moment calm
one moment windy
one moment a storm
and i’m in a little rowing boat in the middle of this gigantic sea…fun ( not ).
i have learnt to go with the flow.
sorry you are going through this.
take care :alien: