To stop bad thoughts

A boy went missing a week ago. I was worried it could have been my son. (He does not live at home) so I called the staff in his house to check if it was him I read about in the news. They told me it was not my son, he is fine.
BUT then my voices started telling me they are lying. That it really is my son. That the staff is evil and wants to harm me and that they hate my son. I get really scared and paranoid.

How do I stop these thoughts from coming? Voices must be my own thoughts.

Voices are NOT your thoughts. They are a manifestation of an ill brain, misfiring. What you’re describing sounds like intrusive thoughts. Do your best to fight them off, and if you feel you can no longer control them, seek out assistance from a pdoc.


Are they robbing you though?

Perhaps a little over priced for what they offer maybe?

They are all liars, swindlers, and yes they want to harm eachother.

But here is what we are going to do, we’re going to make everyone think that lies and slavery are normal so they don’t ask questions and just shut up and work.

and we’ll get them all drunk and high so they just stare at ■■■■ to. They really sit and spin when you do that.

How far away is your son’s place from yours? Are you able to visit him?

It’s hard fighting them off. My own theory about my voices are that they are a mix of both random misfires and stuff I’m worried about or craving.

So some of the motivation for the voices might be that you miss your son a bit. I hope you get to visit him soon.


He is about 60 km away. Takes 45 minutes by car to get to him. We visit him once a week. He will come home on this Wednesday and stay til Sunday. :slight_smile:


I suffer from intrusive thoughts a lot, even on medication. The alien in my head tells me to do brutal murderous things, it is not my thoughts. And now I see it isn’t but an ill brain misfiring, it comforts me, because I was afraid I was wrong and the thoughts were mine, but I knew they weren’t. Phew!

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it is hard i know.
personally i would just drive to where he is, you will see him there, you will know that the staff were not lieing, and you will stop the negative thought.
but it is hard to trust people when you are paranoid, but you can do it with practice.
take care