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Please help to fix my sleeping cycle


hi everyone . i recoverd from psychosis few years ago .but im taking my maintenance medication.right now of 2.5 mg zyprexa per day…but tthers a problem .i need to sleep for atleast 10 hours a day to get me going normaly and have clear mind and concentarion .enthusisasm,motivation and cognition… i wake up at 10:30 in morning. everyday .but i cant aford that since im working in a instituiion. which opens at 8:30 in morning…im 3 hrs late everyday .but i can wake up at 7:30 if im taking half of 2.5 mg and function normaly BUT I SUFFER FROM SOCIAL ANXIETY IF I TAKE HALF OF IT …WHAT TO DO …PLEASE HELP///////////////IS IT BEACUSE OF MEDICATION OR IS THEER A SOLUTION


Just go to bed earlier.


I would suggest the same.


When I was on Olanzapine it also made me tired in the morning, I was on 5mg / day.
If you reduce your dose they will lose some of their therapeutic effects.
The best way to help with the morning tiredness is just to take your tablets earlier in the evening.


There’s therapy to help you combat social anxiety…


will it cause anxiety during day time if i take t\it evening…?


Olanzapine is well known for causing social anxiety, have you noticed how many smoke cigarettes continuously to help them feel more relaxed when they are around other people?
An antidepressant is worth talking to your doctor about.


There is a drug called “amyltriptaline” which has been know to reset people’s sleep cycles. It’s an older med. It is a tricyclic antidepressant combined with a sedative. When I took it this drug kept me on a regular, nine hour a night sleeping schedule for about six months, then it quit working. I’d always been a hard core insomniac, though. There are other drugs and supplements that help with this problem. I’m taking a supplement called “black seed oil”, and I seem to be sleeping longer and harder on it. Then there is a supplement called “melatonin”, if you’re not familiar with it, that is supposed to be good for resetting sleep schedules. You might ask your pdoc what he recommends for sleep problems.


I sleep 10 to 11 hours a night too. Go to bed at 8 and wake up at 730.